Women'S Right To Vote Bbc Bitesize

women's right to vote bbc bitesize

Only the United Kingdom offered resistance.Blacks, Jews, and atheists, and sometimes of a nightmare conglomeration of all three.In the interim, Germany had been defeated.Yet its results were still dire: 2, 403 American soldiers, sailors, and civilians were killed in the unprovoked strike.Hitler had him rescued and put him in charge of the new Italian Social Republic.

Japan made simultaneous strikes on Guam, Midway, and British bases.On June Fifth the Germans began their attack on France.One of only a few photos of FDR in his Wheelchair.Precious resources such as food and gasoline had to be rationed.The Draft and World War II, webpage of the National World War II Museum.Both countries agreed to take parts of Poland, the Soviet Union securing the Baltic Sea port cities.

women's right to vote bbc bitesize

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Internment camps offered minimal comforts.There were also millions of Russians, Poles, gypsies and others that were also murdered.Jews were in every branch of the service, and rabbis were among the chaplains brought to aid them.Churchill and Britain wanted to protect their colonial possessions and to keep the Soviet Union from having too much power.Thousands of German noncombatants were raped, and many of these were then killed.Although the Jews were the favored targets and are the victims we most hear about when talking about the Holocaust, they were not the only victims.

women's right to vote bbc bitesize

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In the spring of 1942, Hitler ordered an attack into the Caucus Mountains, and Stalingrad.The Germans intended to invade the United Kingdom, but they first had to contend with the British Royal Air Force.The Americans threatened a third bombing on Tokyo, though they had not yet had time to create a new bomb.At this time, concern began to grow in the West about Soviet domination replacing German in eastern Europe, especially in Poland.Americans were very reluctant to start any conflict with Germany.Pushing through the nation, the Allies had gone far enough to liberate the city of Paris on August 25.He also campaigned vigorously in the cities, which may have hastened his death.

women's right to vote bbc bitesize

In early 1941, the United States abandoned its neutrality and began to aid the British.Partial transcript of April 16, 1945.Murrow, one of the most lauded journalists of the time.Manhattan Project, a secret attempt to bring to fruition what Einstein had posited in 1939.Hitler and other Nazi officials in occupied Paris.However, his physical strain combined with the burden of the Presidency to weary him.They were in rags and the remnants of uniforms.

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Officials signed a treaty for surrender on September 2, 1945, aboard the USS Missouri.He might also apply for an exemption if he was the head of a family or in a steel or arms factory.American newspapers had printed accounts of German oppression of its Jewish citizens, from Kristallnacht in 1938 onward.In early July the invasion began.The death toll of the Second World War was greater than that of the First.Therefore giving the name of the battle, battle of the Bulge.

women's right to vote bbc bitesize

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The Allies first attempted to reach the Rhine River in their quest to take over Germany.Fierce fighting erupted in and around the city as motley German units made their last stand against the powerful army groups of Russian marshals Zhukov and Koniev.These scrap drives brought in a limited amount of useful material, but helped involve some people who would have felt useless in the big war drive.In April, 1941, Germany and Italy then attacked Yugoslavia, which surrendered within one week of invasion.They believed women should remain at home and not become involved in matters that did not directly affect them.

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Allied nations of the Soviet Union; the United States and its colonies; Great Britain, its colonies and Canada; France and its colonies; the Netherlands and its colonies; Belgium and its colonies; and Poland, Norway, and Greece.The Great Depression had affected Japan as much as it had the Western powers.In 1936, he tested German might by supporting the Fascists and German interests during the Spanish Civil War.Atomic cloud over NagasakiA person carbonized by the blast.Months after this battle the Allied forces had the Germans pushed all the way back into Berlin.Americans living on a Hawaiian island aided a downed Japanese pilot.

One of the latter, Albert Einstein, sent a letter to President Roosevelt in 1939 explaining the developments in the nuclear chain reactions which would result in an atomic explosion.In Africa, Axis troops led by Erwin Rommel had pushed into Egypt, just 70 miles west of Alexandria.As they had done before, the Germans quickly advanced, breaking through the Russian lines.Part of the war effort was the incorporation of American civilians into efforts showing that they could also make a difference.Germany was the supreme power on Continental Europe.US ships, Roosevelt avoided escalation.Auschwitz I in 2010, a symbol of a dark chapter in history.

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Stalingrad, a byword for Soviet military resistance of Hitler, was now in ruins.Japanese ships so badly that their navy never recovered.Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1998.There they heard that the recent death rate had been about two hundred a day.In the 1930s, the American Bund attempted to increase Nazi German influence, and to amplify the antisemetic messages coming from Berlin.

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Here Jewish shops were looted.Then Germany signed another agreement with the Soviet Union, the confederation of Russia and its supporters under a Communist government.The bomb warped the city into a deadly hellscape, leaving little more than rubble, a few scattered ruins, and radiation once the fires died down.Though the Japanese continued to fight, its armed forces were in a hopeless situation.This is known as the spark of the Holocaust.The Soviets sent in reserve troops from Siberia, and launched a counter attack.He sent out a broadcast for American audiences on the Fifteenth describing what he had seen and heard.

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There was scattered opposition to this overwhelmingly popular measure among religious pacifists and the Nation of Islam, and among the American Communists until Germany attacked the Soviet Union.Hitler also used this supposed German superiority, as well as German mistreatment by its victors after World War I, to justify the termination of the Treaty of Versailles.Hours later, American, British, French and Canadian soldiers landed at Normandy on the north coast of France.President Roosevelt treated the topic with care.In addition, many men, and some women, signed up without receiving a notice.

Starving and weakened by disease, they held on for another month before surrendering.Under the streamlined system put in process during 1942, males eighteen years of age and older registered with the government.The human cost of the bomb was immense.Members of the 442nd Regiment in Italy.These were not permitted to fight, but in their capacity as communication and supervisory aides were often on the battlefield.

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Benito Mussolini was executed by Italian Partisans on April 28.Peace in our time.By the end of the first week of October, the Germans had gained control of half of Poland.The American eugenics movement also suffered a setback from which it has not yet recovered.In the spring of 1940, Hitler attacked the nations of Denmark and Norway.But some antisemitism was an alien import.

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With cooperative or captive scientists and slave labor, the Nazis were attempting to use uranium to create an atomic bomb.Joseph Stalin, who held the title of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR, but was actually a Dictator of the Soviet Union, joined them there.The Japanese Invasion of Manchuria in 1931.American industrialist Henry Ford.In January, 1945, Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz, the largest of the Nazi Concentration Camps.American antisemitism has continued since that time, but it is at least officially frowned upon.To make matters worse, Mussolini declared war on France and Britain on June 10.

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In August, Romania surrendered, followed by Bulgaria and Finland in September.After weeks of fighting in the cold winters the Allied forces came out victorious.Near the end of the War, Germany tries to fight for a last stand with the Allies.The USS Arizona burning following the attack on Pearl Harbor.Yet in private, Hitler was already planning to take the Soviet Union over in its turn.

The first two years of the war overseas saw the American public broadly divided on the issue of potential involvement.The United States had become involved in a competition with Nazi Germany to find technologies which would win the war.Women working to build aircraft during WWII.The new leader of Germany, Karl Doenitz, agreed to surrender.However, British troops led by General Montgomery decisively defeated the Italian and German troops at the Battle of El Alamein.

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The start of World War II brought the end of the Great Depression due to the supplies and men it takes to win a war.The Pact between the two nations was dissolved, and the latter joined the Western Allies.The fall of Italy signaled the beginning of the end of World War II.With many men being shipped overseas to fight in the war, many employment opportunities opened up for women.The Republican party had objected to the President even running for a fourth term.His capital surrounded and his loyal minions deserting him, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin command bunker on April 30, 1945.

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Truman chose to use the atomic bomb instead of an invasion.Tensions between Japan and the United States grew.On the first day of September, 1939, Germany declared war on Poland.The Inhumane treatment of holocaust victims played a major role in how human rights are considered, as well as in the Nuremberg trials following the war.The Yalta conference decided the division of defeated Germany into zones for reconstruction.After this, however, momentous events in the Pacific plunged the Americans into the war.On December Seven, 1941, the Japanese Air Force bombed the large American naval base, destroying or severely damaging over nineteen ships and 292 aircraft.

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Though the danger posed by Germany and Japan was generally recognized, millions of Americans felt that a strong, armed neutrality and oceanic defense without entering the war was the safest course.By December they had reached Moscow, and Leningrad was under siege.The Japanese government did not give in.German resistance then hardened, however.The British and American armies would make little more progress for the rest of 1944.Operation Market Garden, a plan to liberate Holland and bypass the German border defenses, failed.

In March, this goal accomplished, the Americans and British opposed the Soviets in the Race for Berlin.Now for the first time the majority of Americans could guess at the extent of The Holocaust, one of the most ghastly episodes in the modern history of mankind.Many Japanese Americans were forced to close their businesses and go into internment.BBC Bitesize and the wider are the key learning points covered in this is suffrage?Antisemitism was a powerful motivating force in American history.Dutch and to Vichy France.

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The Jewish Virtual Library.Despite these worries, Roosevelt felt that he had little influence in that area over Stalin, whose armies were bearing a huge brunt of the fight.These supplemented food and gasoline rations, initiated with the aim of getting supplies to the troops.Before Germany was defeated, there were some eleven million people that had been slaughtered in the name of Nazi racial purity.In September, 1940, the Germans ended the Battle of Britain by indefinitely delaying all plans for invasion.The next day, the United States Congress declared war on Japan, prompting Germany and Italy to in turn declare war on the United States.This video explains what suffrage is and shows some of the different campaigns there have been in Britain for the right to vote.

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There many German officials, and some Concentration Camp governors, were put to trial for committing these murders, called crimes against humanity.Germany, voting arrangements in the new United Nations organizations, and the future of the liberated governments of Eastern Europe.Following the Invasion of mainland Italy in early September, the Italian government signed an armistice with the Allies.Among these technologies was nuclear fission, the splitting of a highly electronegative atom into smaller ones, which gives off ten times as much power.During the same time, America had become the home for dissident German and Jewish scientists.

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At Yalta the countries contended on what to do with Germany.The Allies then decided to invade Sicily, in hope of knocking Italy out of the war.Roosevelt, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill held a Conference at Casablanca.The Reichstag fire in 1933 caused the passing of the enabling act in Germany, greatly reducing the civil liberties of Germans.With no time to defend themselves, the last Polish troops surrendered in early October.

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The government had begun to draft eligible young men in 1940, and the draft was ramped up after Pearl Harbor.The troops landed near Caen, but Hitler wrongly felt that they would attack at a location to the north of that city.In contrast, the main Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan only suffered twelve million casualties.Axis partners on the way.The policy which sought to prevent another World War at almost any cost, including the cost of allowing a tyrant to gain more power, became known as appeasement.Allies had over eight hundred thousand soldiers in Normandy.

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On June 22, 1941, the Germans invaded the Soviet Union.Americans on Hawaii actually endured internment due to protests of local leaders on Hawaii that interment would cripple the economy of the islands.Aerial photo of Auschwitz in 1944.Harsh conditions like this were common.The Americans allowed the Soviets to win the Race for Berlin.

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Public work sites, and even some schools and Boy and Girl Scouts, vied to round up paper, scrap metal, and other supplies.The new weapons, however, proved of little use against Allied numbers and economic superiority, with American industrial production for the war effort massive and untouched by Axis attack.Zionist plagiarism and literary hoax first published in 1903 in Russian, in Znamya; it alleges a Jewish and Masonic plot to achieve world domination.Hitler claimed that Germany had lost its powerful economy, morality, raw materials, land, and resources needed to help it develop as a nation.In 1857, The Matrimonial Causes Act gave women the right to divorce their husbands.Then Hitler and Benito Mussolini, the Fascist Dictator of Italy, created a coalition with the dictatorship which had come to power in Japan.After a further major Russian victory at Kursk the following summer, the Germans were forced into retreat back towards Europe.

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American citizens, many of whom had never left America and grew up in America, were loyal to America.Jews in Nazi occupied areas were required to identify themselves by wearing clothing marked with a yellow Star of David, making it easier for Nazis to discriminate against them.At its height the Manhattan Project employed more than 600, 000 workers, the majority of them not realizing what they were really working for.The Judges panel at the Nuremberg trials, where Nazi officials involved in the Holocaust were put on trial following the war.In November 1942, the Americans launched operation Torch and drove the French troops out of Algeria and Morrocco.President Truman listened to experts who forecast two more years of war against Japan, and the prospect of a bloody American invasion.The Netherlands surrendered on May 15, though the province of Zeeland held out until the 18th.

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Address to Congress on the Yalta Conference.The coalition of these three nations later came to be called the Axis.On May 8, Germany formally signed an unconditional surrender, dissolving the Axis and leaving only Japan to be defeated.In Stalingrad, there was street to street, and house to house fighting.American positions in Belgium.

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This is just one of many concentration camps.This time, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did interfere.The explosion formed a mushroom cloud.In preparation for an invasion of France, Hitler cut off all support for the German armies remaining in the Soviet Union.In November, 1943, Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt held another Conference at Tehran.By the end of 1942, most of Europe was under control of the Nazis or the Italians.There were also exemptions for pacifism, though the man had to have a letter from his priest or minister saying that he had a religious basis for his pacifism.

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By the end of July, the Allies expanded their base at Normandy by breaking out into the rest of France.Many people died instantly, but others fell sick a few days later from effects on the radiation on living tissue.Especially during the first few years of the war, there was a real fear that some enemy Axis plane might bomb the American mainland.Together, the bombs killed over one hundred thousand people.Though he admitted that he had suffered polio, no newsreels showed him pulling himself along with his crutches.Nuclear weapons became a precarious factor to geopolitics which remains to this day.

After a long battle with Axis troops in Tunisia, they were driven out of Africa in May 1943.The camera also showed corpses of men stacked like cords of wood, and the crematoria where the dead had been burnt.The Polish had had no time to build the deep trenches seen in the First World War; the Germans had no need to use mustard gas.Dewey, accused him of running a corrupt autocracy and of feigning good health.Roosevelt died of a stroke on April 12th, 1945.Nagasaki, again upon civilians.Day proved to be a critical point during the war.

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They were pushed out of Egypt, all the way across Libya, and into Tunisia.With the mass media of motion pictures and the radio, the American government was able to motivate and move individuals and groups more efficiently than ever before.During the summer and fall of 1941, the Germans kept up their amazing pace into the heart of Russia.Hollywood, still reeling from the Depression, brought itself back with instructional films for the troops and propaganda for moviegoers at home.Conscientious objectors could become medics or work in some other peaceful operation in support of the war.The British and French responded by declaring war on Germany two days later.

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The leaders agreed to punish Nazis for war crimes, including the Holocaust.Lease Act allowed the President to lend or lease weapons worth over seven billion dollars to other nations.Germany forced millions of prisoners into slave labor, under the most brutal conditions, to keep its own war effort going.An emboldened Japanese navy blundered in June of 1942, attacking Midway Island in the Pacific.On April Eleventh, 1945, Allies liberated the Death Camp at Buchenwald, near Weimar, Germany.Germany and Austria was an internal German concern which had nothing to do with the rest of Europe.During the invasion Mussolini was overthrown and arrested.

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In the same year Japan invaded the Chinese province of Manchuria.The NUWSS believed in peaceful lobbying and campaigning.Discover the different interpretations of Emmeline PankhurstGetting the voteScroll through the images below to see the key events which lead to women over 30 getting the right to vote.It succeeded, and Moscow was saved.American and British paratroopers were dropped into Normandy.In 1942, a number of the top minds in physics were relocated to a secret location in New Mexico.The US Naval aircraft carriers, huge ships serving as mobile bases for airplanes, were then at sea and survived the attack.

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Death already had marked many of them, but they were smiling with their eyes.Other buildings connected to Jewish residents, including Synagogs were also targeted.Allied air bombing of German industries and cities had been ongoing and savage since 1943, but did not have the intended effect of crushing the German will to fight.Poland to defeat the Polish Army in as little as sixteen days as the British and French sat back in fear of a new World War.To secure resources and sea lanes for the Japanese islands, the Empire of Japan desired to neutralize the American Pacific Fleet, which was stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

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In 1933, German president Paul von Hindenberg named Adolf Hitler chancellor.American physicists were also talking about the possibilities of fission.Property Act gave a woman rights over her own earnings and property.Hiroshima prior to bombing.After spending more than two billion dollars, the Project created the first atomic bomb.Dust and debris shot into the sky and was seen miles away.

For the next month, the British and Americans led a bloody campaign in which Sicily was finally taken in early August.Local Government Act gave married women the right to vote in local elections.The American press was told about the detonation of the bomb on a population of civilians, but not about its full effects.Meanwhile, the Soviets were on the verge of entering Germany from the east en masse, having taken control of Poland.November 1943 in the Tehran Conference.Then Hitler took control of a section of Czechoslovakia partially populated by Germans.Soviet Pact was an agreement that the two nations would not fight each other.

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Between the two bombings, meanwhile, the Soviet Union had joined in the war on Japan.In 1939, he took over the remainder of Czechoslovakia and demanded Poland.American ships by intentionally crashing their own planes into them, became more dominant in Japanese opposition.The same area of Nagasaki after bombing.Czechs and Slavs known as Czechoslovakia.The French government, meanwhile was taken over by a new Premier, who signed an armistice with Germany on June 17.

The same area of Hiroshima after bombing.Compensation for the leg disability, and the physical activity the Roosevelts were known for, had made his upper arms strong and muscular.Many German civilians fled, fearing the revenge the Russians would put on them after what the Germans had done in Russia.Allied Aircraft passing over the Rhine in 1945.Two wars of German aggression had been too much, and the country needed to be permanently restrained.Detroit in 1942, a major industrial city that aided the war effort.After the Battle of Midway the United States surely retook the Asian Pacific nations, fighting the Japanese empire island by island, by gun, by shell, and by flame thrower.

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Men who had no letter, and who were unwilling to support the War in peaceful ways, were often put in prison and derided by the public.Bodies being burned, following killings in Gas Chambers.In the middle of July, the Soviets won their first major victory by taking the territory of Belorussia.At the draft board men walked through the rooms of various doctors, psychiatrists, and military and civil authorities.BBC Bitesize and the rest of the BBC.Nonetheless, German airplanes continued to bomb several British cities until the middle of the next year.His dog, Fala, sits on his lap.

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The American Presidency Project, John Woolley and Gerhard Peters, eds.Russians refused to surrender.The two nations then set up a plan of action for the next stages of the war.Mussolini and Hitler, leaders of fascist Italy and Nazi GermanyHitler began a buildup of the German military.The aftermath of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima.

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An applicant could be refused if he was ill, even with such minor ailments as nearsightedness or flat feet.Americans, including those born in the United States and other citizens, were interned.Tank warfare in north Africa.Belgium was overcome on May 28.Harry Truman became president.It was one of the bloodiest battles in history.

Nagasaki prior to bombing.Battle of Britain in 1940.Now Japan unconditionally surrendered, officially ending World War II.Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.On July 16, 1945, this bomb was successfully tested in New Mexico.Some Japanese Americans were allowed to leave the camps to study or work.The three leaders agreed to a plan codenamed Operation Overlord, under which an attack would be launched on the northern coast of France from the English Channel.

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Germany entered Belgium and the Netherlands on May Tenth, 1940.Russian reserve division encircled the Germans into the city, and 250, 000 German soldiers were captured.Some public citizens who had not been permitted to join the military were delegated as air raid wardens, making sure that homes were darkened at night.Their actions were responsible for saving the Lost Battalion, American troops trapped behind German lines.The Race determined who would control Berlin, a city that would prove important in the reconstruction of Germany.Its armaments became fewer.From the draft board men went straight into Basic Training, from there to become soldiers, sailors or Marines, or airplane pilots.

In 1931 a group of Japanese nationalists had assassinated the current Prime Minister of Japan, leading to a military dictatorship.Atomic cloud over Hiroshima.At press conferences the photographers were led in when he was already in a chair or in his car seat.The United States retaliated by attempting to prevent Japanese purchases of oil and steel.The Soviets invaded from the East.

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Great Britain and its Allies.On May third, Americans first saw newsreels of the camp.Japan continued with its Pacific operations by taking the American colonies of the Philippines, Guam, and Wake Island; the British colonies of Burma, Singapore, Malaya, and Borneo; and the Dutch colonies in the East Indies.Newsreels, film of weekly news reports shown in movie theaters, were major sources of information in the days before TV became popularized.Some factories which had been devoted to peacetime production of cars and bicycles were converted to armament factories, and the nascent television stations were shut down.The United States wanted to influence Germany toward democracy and to keep the peace.

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Horrific deaths like this were common as a result of the bombing.Then Hitler and Mussolini turned to Greece, which collapsed by the end of April.However, Mussolini was rescued by the Germans and had established an Italian Social Republic.The Yalta Declaration on Liberated Europe, which called for free elections and constitutional liberties in Eastern Europe, was the most controversial topic of the Yalta Conference.On September 11, some Allied troops entered Germany, taking Antwerp, Belgium on the way.Ethnographers and other scientific experts were drafted into the War effort, emphasizing that Americans came from every ethnic background.

Stalin and the Soviet Union wanted Germany to pay them to help start the rebuilding of their country.The Trinity test in New Mexico was the first test of a nuclear weapon.Hitler had no intention of keeping his word.Many of the borders drawn up in the wake of Versailles were fragile.Romanian oil fields, German armies were running out of gasoline.

Thousands of women began to support the war efforts by getting employed in many different factories producing tanks and planes and other sorts of weaponry.The Enola Gay and Crew.

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