Dating A Married Poly Woman

dating a married poly woman

The vocabulary of Mirad is composed of base words and derived words.Adverbs can be derived from descriptive adjectives by adding y to the a ending.At aysa alo dresari.

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By lexical, is meant that verbs having different lexical properties are listed in the dictionary and have nothing to do with conjugation.Adverbs of time like when, now, everAdverbs of place like there, here, somewhereAdverbs of manner like how, thus, somehowAdverbs of kind like so, age this year oldAdverbs of direction like that way, any which wayAdverbs of reason why?Yu gor i gele cubed equals three.The stems in this family begin with s, meaning thing, and end in m, meaning place.The order of the alphabet is the same as in English.If the prepositional base ends in b, the b is dropped.Used functionally only in certain interjections like dbye, conjunctions like, and determiners like, and has no semantic value.

dating a married poly woman

Hyayenasi vey sorts of things might happen.At vay voy tadso iyt.There are 20 consonant phonemes.The formation of country names and languages will be discussed in a later section.Upu eker bay play with us.Days of the week are expressed by internally scalarizing the word for day jub:Days of the WeekjuabMondayjuebTuesdayjuibWednesdayjuubThursdayjuyobFridayjuyabSaturdayjuyebSundayHere are some common terms relating to days of the week:Day Expressionshojub?

dating a married poly woman

At voy tilo oey at telo.At se eli jaga.Duven et po bay at?Has is about to be doneAt xoya.ContinentsINHABITANTAmera AmericaAmera AmericanOmera AmericaOmera AmericanricanAntarktikam.Governments and Leaders15.At yexa kyotepay, ov hus, at ujoka.

dating a married poly woman

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It yeyfe bixwer ay should be drawn and quartered.Usually, the compound where the adjective suffix has been eclipsed has the more idiomatic meaning.For example, from where?Et yefer xer ad must do the right thing.Ha maar yope be sun sets at dusk.

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Et se iva, at yife are beautiful, I dare say.The Mirad alphabet can be divided into three types of sounds: consonants, glides, and vowels.In Mirad, prepositions are simple monosyllables or phrases.Stems in this family begin with t for human and end in d for society and have to do with families and family relationships.Hyea tim et fe et yafe ayser.

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UF Familyaffectionate trioticspiseufon.Note that cognize, know, be familiar with is used instead of when referring to a person, much like Fr.But deliver us from evil.Gendered Counterparts of Animals15.Multiplicative Numerical DeterminersMULTIPLE AS NOUN.As in English, in omitting the inherent preposition in a sentence with both a direct object and an indirect object, place the indirect object before the direct object.

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When was he killed?Free relative clauses, which do not have an explicit antecedent external to themselves.Note that the Du in Duven means Say.Et yefe xer gwa must do it as quickly as possible.Et yafe hyeawa beser ey pier.

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The definite, proximal, distal deictic determiners can be used for third person pronouns.Yit se embwa be ha zenod bi ha are positioned at the hub of this storm.Husi sa ha jubi, ata dat!Atmospheric Layersmalmaal mospheremael opospheremail ratospheremaul nospheremayol.Besu yub bi ha near the wall.

dating a married poly woman

Hot kobia ata dyes?Here are some examples:His uxo ha oynxen bi yata will cause the anihilation of our world.The Meaning of Group 1 Base Words14.Ha dyes se ab ha book is on the table.Hyawa dom ayse city has something of interest.At uvaxwa haj hu at teata ha tobud.

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Adverbial subordinate clauses are introduced by deictic adverbs like where, when, and why plus the relative complementizer hu.The possessive forms of has is, for example:At iyfe ha dyes ay at ife hasa abdyun.Text in Mirad is written from left to right with spaces between words.Examples Using Quantitative DeterminersAdverbs of degree modifying an adjective:At se gla iva.INDICATIVEPRESENTSIMPLEAt pe.The stems of the words in this family are characterized by the letter The words, thus, have to do with nature, the sky, ground, water, planets, etc.Iyt yafe can win.

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Ot yefe xer ha must do what is expected.HORTATIVEthat, the fact thatMay.At igtease awa tob yiztyoyaber.The stems of the words in this family begin with f for vegetation or v for plant and end in b for organism.Similarly, up until then would be expressed as byu huj.

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Dob means a state.The stems of the words in this family begin with the letter p, denoting movement, and end in the letter t, denoting a living creature.Lit: however much that.His se anay yita aa xal.The words for we and us are the same in Mirad.Ha toboti xeya gla xeus; jey, at jesa children were making a lot of noise; meanwhile, I continued to study.

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Is it true that?The vocabulary is from scratch, yet based on internal lexical and semantic rules that help the learner to construct and deconstruct derivations logically, mnemonically, and consistently.Hyata tej se uka bi yaobi.Yat ufe hate you.Iyt simpa za at.

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Gra nas much money was spent.The stems of the words in this family all begin with n for merchandise.Ha mes door opened.Et yeyfe voy daler huyen should not talk so loud.ADVERBTRANSITIVE VERBINTRANSITIVE VERBon, mountof, dismounttweentervenedownscendnearawayfar awayvolveroughoutainstuntervenemposeparateuzper.Lit: It is fifth hour minus a quarter.

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This book contains Version 2 of the language with additions and modifications to the original.Van it he be healed.Most are spatial, but some are temporal, relational, or mathematical.These alternating expressions are often used as adverbs or verbal prefixes.Lit: It is sixth hour plus a half.Et yurve buer are absolutely compelled to give money.

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Consonants and Their Meanings14.Piti ufe beser be hate to remain on dry land.Adverbs can be compared just as adjectives with the use of Quantitative Determiners.At se I am unmarried.His vey upo may come apart.Et yulve buer are bound to give money.At teate drilari oy grosi.

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Note that the tenses in Mirad are somewhat different in that there is no relative shifting of time as in English.Se ham hu ha Oyjobat vyonapxa ha dalyeni bi hya meirtobi ay yonzyaba yit bu hyami bi ha meir.Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.Ha tefi se via oy hasia naxi se hats are beautiful, but their prices are unknown.Adjectival clauses are introduced in Mirad by the relative complementizer hu.

The perfect infinitives are never listed in the dictionary.American, yes or no?The tense in the subordinate clause is a true tense, not a relative tense.Scalar Vowel Values14.At ajay ifa dazer.SECOND PERSONrselfrselvesTHIRD PERSON SPECIFICiut.

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Upu, van yat yopu hum av yanmulxer yita dalyen von yit hyuittestu gaj.Hot ako, et ey at?That was very funny.Speaking in Languages15.Embu has zu ha it to the left of the door.

The subordinate clause modifies a noun in the main clause.These words are discussed under the chapter on Deictic Determiners.Iyta deuzen sa gla singing was very beautiful.Iyt deuze sings well.At ayse gro sari.At ufa uda tuz.May the king live long!

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Bostonati ayse Bostonyena stonians have a Bostonian accent.Your name is what?Alo asoynasi bi hia dyesi percent of these books were ruined.Hoti et teexe gwa jodi?Mirad native words, used as glides to alter the pronunciation of vowels.

The verb predicate consists of a conjugated verb form with or without adverbial modifiers, which may precede or follow based on considerations below.Hawa twob nazea ata tezex se only man worth my attention is you.Yovobu hati hu fyuxe rgive those who hurt you.She likes it here.Also, group 2 base words almost always have one consonant.The Verb Predicate16.At voy teata ita dyes.

Sometimes, an object consists of both a direct object and an indirect object.Sometimes, verbs are used reflexively in Mirad even though they are used simply intransitively in English, eg.The following chart presents Mirad verbs in the Simple aspect.The methods of noun linkage otherwise follow the English pattern in most all cases.Prefixes Built on Words and Word StubsCOMPOUND VERBozder.Has hu at da se I said is hu it xa futipxa things he did angered xo hyes hu et do.

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Here is a chart showing the adjectives used to refer to animals:Animal AdjectivesANIMAL NOUNyapeta.BUT: parate, go apartyaongun.There are some words in the language that are inherently adverbs and do not take the ay ending, because they are not formed from adjectives, or because they already end in ay.Duven et fu you like a drink?The above pronouns answer the questions hos?

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In other words, there is no inversion of word order in questions as there often is in English, Spanish, and many other languages.Hyot ta adut hu knew who would win.Yat tilia ha awa tilyeb bi drank the one glass of wine.Geographic Proper Names15.Simple AspectAt xe.

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Ivan I once knew.Free relative clauses are introduced by a deictic pronoun or adverb followed by the relative complementizer hu as shown in the charts below.Pronominal Deictic Determiners of KindKIND OF THINGKIND OF THINGSKIND OF PERSONKIND OF PEOPLEhoyenas?Eta dyun se hos?The subject can consist of pronoun or linked pronouns:Et ay and IAway youAdverbs often precede what they modify, but this rule is somewhat loose.Lit: You were late by ten minutes.Yot de van et vyode say you never lie.

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At voy jogseye hyegla.Yat yefe ifer must love one another.Ata twed zoypa bi yex father returned from work early.Tuu at haj hu et me when you arrive.Lit: I am twenty aged.

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Yit tadso are going to get married next year.Examples:Iyt yepa ha tim entered the room singing.Duven at afe per hum?Yat tilia ha ewa tilyebi bi drank the two glasses of wine.Yet yofe daler je ha people must not talk during the performance.See Pronunciation of Vowels.

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See Arithmetical Expressions for further information on these terms.Mirad has three types of coordinating conjunctions, as shown in the following charts:Simple Linking ConjunctionsCONJUNCTIONAt oveko ay at ako.Je hus, at ujba anwhile, I finished everything.Hiiti yaneko following people will compete today.Hia jotul se huugla fiteluza!Deriving Words with Directional and Positional Vowels14.

Here is an alphabetical list of root morphemes in Mirad.The following chart presents Mirad verbs in the Perfect aspect.At uyfe tijer gra jwa.Et se hyagla ogel are totally unlike me.Also, the wordstock of Mirad is considered a priori, meaning that there is no deliberate association with words or roots in existing natural languages.Yet yefe must leave.Ha meir yuzpe ha earth goes around the sun.

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In poetry, the perfect aspect vowel a can be omitted or retained optionally in the perfect active or passive participle.Hus vey se and no.Chart of Group 2 Base Words and Principal Derivatives15.Yat tilia ea tilyebi bi drank second glasses of wine.Ga vyel hus, esa rained.Words ending in der have to do with communicating, thus saying, talking, writing, reading.At tese This day.

Et yeyfe duder should respond in the following way.More about this in a later section.How was the film?The words all have to do with furniture.LITERALIDIOMATICagabigagaxerto magnifyagxerto growanaoneanaxerto unifyanxerto uniteyonaapartyonaxerto separateyonxerto cutyagalongyagaxerto lengthenyagxerto stretchyugaslowyugaxerto retardyugxer to brakesanaformalsanaxerto formalizesanxerto formgeaequalgeaxerto equalizegexerto copy, equatejaapriorjaaxerto prioritizejaxerto prepareTo derive an inchoative verb from an adjective, add the suffix be to either the stem or the whole adjective.The passive of xer, be done can be used to mean to happen or to become.

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Ha nasyef purse came open.Can I ever be as important to her?The following chart presents Mirad verbs in the Potential aspect.Ha mari se stars are bright.Bodies of Water15.Iyt se is a quadriplegic.Et yefe must leave.

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Yat efe tejber ha need to revive the man.Some verbs inherently incorporate a preposition and so it is not necessary to use that assumed preposition before what would normally be an indirect object.For example:E gab e se plus two is four.Ha tobot gaj baby is still sleeping.English I did something at some particular point in time.Haj hu et pua, ha iv you arrived, the fun began.Those ending in ber are transitive verbs, while those ending in per are mostly intransitive.

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Types of StonesSTONEGEMOTHER EARTH SUBSTANCESmeg.Iyt ijtyexa at bu ha yexeb hu iyt yexaya oyb it ji gla introduced me to the boss under whom she had worked for many years.The following chart shows phrasal prepositions that can be created with the use of the spatial nouns in the previous section or other nouns.At voy ifeyie has; husav, at pio.Hisi agaxo has hu et will magnify what you see.

Jagseatan se yika joob bi olescence is a difficult period of life.Hia tobot agseye child is growing up fast.By adding gregate or to the name of an animal, you get the animal grouping:Animal GroupingsGROUPINGapatyan.Hogla pati et teata hijub?Ohyawat se iva bay eta everyone is happy with your decision.Eta deuz ivteuduxa song tickled us.Here are some key cities, their adjectival forms, and inhabitants.

The United Nations is also called the UN.Many of the above sentences could be rephrased with an infinitive in order to avoid the subjunctive:Ha ideb dila at tyoiber za king asked me to kneel before him.Hyayena telami ese be hia manner of restaurants exist on this street.Translating iut as herself depends on the context.The following examples show how to express clock time:Se hojab?The complementizers above are part of an overall scheme.

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Separable Verb Prefixes10 Conjunctions10.Iyt gay also sings.Conjunctions with huIf the conjunction contains a deictic adverb like where, when, how, etc.Hit se jay one is already dead.Use of Simple Prepositions16.Ha yautpar puo hum yeb 10 bus will arrive there within 10 minutes.Ese hyos is nothing to be done.

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In Mirad, all common nouns in their singular dictionary lookup form end in a consonant.Notice that personal pronouns, and indeed all pronouns, are devoid of distinctions of CASE, such as nominative, objective, dative, etc.Teaxu ata gwa joga at my youngest child.IMMINENTgive birthto give birthha tajboa woman about to give birthPOTENTIALpotential to killtojbua til.See more about this in the chapter on Syntax.Hota tam se hus?Gla tami houses were destroyed.

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Mirad does not use digraphs like sh or ph to represent consonant sounds.The word order of adverbs is fairly free, as in English.Hya tob yefe xer ita man must do his part.Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.Ha apet hu at bua it ha afyab apeda bay horse I gave the apple to neighed with pleasure.Verbs of communication can take an entire clause as a direct object:At ta van et upo.

NOUN OR VERB STEMirsty, needyoilyelbefwa.Be gwa jwamoji, at teaxe evenings, I watch television.Unlike English, there is no relative sequencing of tenses in conjoined clauses.Hia dyen se din vyel ewa book is a story about two lovers.Otherwise, a country name like Fransam does not take a definite article, just as it does not in English.At se huugla booka.Iyt igtyoyapa yob bey ha ran down the hill.

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Integral numerical determiners can be pronominalized as things and persons by suffixing s or t, respectively.His kyaxa yata changed our lives.Se yawa jwabi gab is six thirty.Duven et se tadxwa?The Meaning of Group 2 Base Words14.Diwe sagu ha count the units.

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Hyea voz so color will be fine.Hiiyena xeyen voy following sort of behavior would not be allowed.Ordinal numerical determiners like first, second, etc.If the letter is a majuscule, then the letter name is preceded by, eg.Unless you work, you will not win.Reflexive verbs, where the object refers back to the subject, work just as in English, where the object is a reflexive pronoun, eg.

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The unknown is scary.The quantitative determiners themselves that are used in these comparative expressions are discussed in detail in a later section on Quantitative Determiners.The directionality of some verbs can be distinguished by the ending ier for an action or motion toward the speaker and uer for an action or motion away from the speaker toward some object, eg.Here are some examples of sentences where the main clause contains some verb of knowing, questioning, wondering, guessing followed by a subordinate clause introduced by the conditional complementizer ven.Hey1 yata2 Twed3, hu4 se5 be6 Totmir7,Our Father, who art in Heaven,van8 eta9 dyun10 fyadwu11.CONDITIONALohevunlessOhev et yexe, et voy ako.Hyaewa et ay at you and I answered no.

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EXPRESSION OF WELCOMEhwey!Se yaa jwobi gob is thirty minutes til six.Deriving Words with Mnemonic Patterns14.Note the following clock time idioms:Clock Idiomsjwaearlyjweon timejwolateSe vyavay eloa jwob.Was a beautiful day.The stems of the words in this family begin with t for human and l for liquid or in this case, drinkable or edible substances.

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Et paye yiz bi ha have gone beyond the perimeter.It is used in its lowercase spelling as a prefix in Group I words.The cardinal numerals are also used in counting, for example, at a sports countdown.This often produces a difference nuance.Forming Verbs from Nouns14.Color WordsCOLORMNEMONIC ORIGIN, blankrcissusberryyavos.Il se grandira avant que tu ne le remarques.

Ha glo doymi hu few towns that remainA subject noun can consist of a clause, infinitive, or gerund:Van it upo se he will come is certain.Many intransitive verbs cannot be made passive.ADJECTIVALDETERMINERINANIMATE SINGULARPRONOUNINANIMATE PLURAL PRONOUNANIMATE PLURALPRONOUNhogla?Ha par ijpa boy car started up immediately.Instead, the relative clause itself takes the place of an argument in the matrix clause.Making Predicates InterrogativeDECLARATIVEEt se are married.

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Ha toboti sa oyeb be ha children were out in the backyard.Gey ov van ha pansin sa gra yaga, at ifia though the movie was too long, I enjoyed it.More often, an auxiliary verb or verb stub is used to create various verbs from nouns.The fractional adverbs can be used as in these examples:Et so aynay dudyefa av eta will be wholly accountable for your actions.Ot yefe yuxer must help oneself.Iyt tajba awa twobot gave birth to a baby boy yesterday.ADJECTIVESINGULAR INANIMATE PRONOUNPLURAL INANIMATE PRONOUNPLURAL ANIMATE PRONOUNDEGREE: How.

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Words in Mirad are capitalized as in English, that is:The first word of a sentence is capitalized.Is it true that.The wa formant is added only when the unit numbers stand alone, not in conjunction with higher numerals, such as the teens, hundreds, etc.Note this in the last two words of the following chart:Reversing the Semantics of AdjectivesNORMALNEGATEDoega.The importance of the group of ideas that this word evokes in its proper sense and in the sense that is directly opposite it, eg.PMday, twilightjwamoj.Mavier him oking here is prohibited.

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Ha ayna mir te ayv whole world knows about you.Et po yib be will go far in life.The core verb ser can be postfixed to adjectives to form a class of verbs called stative, which have the meaning become X, and which contrast with parallel transitive verbs in xer.Language Speaking VerbsAnglam.Iyt vey may kill herself.The following chart shows how gestural and bodily movements and functions are derived from body parts:ORGANISMGESTURES, MOVEMENTS, FUNCTIONShuman, manize,nceive, pregnate, tobijer.Der Core Wordsnguagedalzeynes.

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Vay upu come again.Ansu ey yet or you will be divided.Et dale gra speak too fast.Behold, they make up one people, all of whom have a common language.Using Ber and Per to Form Dynamic Verbs15.The following chart shows how these verbs are formed:Forming Verbs with Xer and Serrtify, strengthen, make strongstrongweakerheavyghten, make lighterlighterThe final adjective ending a is often dropped to form a verb with a slightly different meaning, usually somewhat more idiomatic.

Yat tilia tilyeb bi drank a glass of wine.The buffer consonant is y in the active voice, or w in the passive voice.Pronominal possession such as his car is discussed in the section on personal pronouns.Aat yake mamil ey expect rain or snow.Land Featuresmemmeam gionmeem.It ake wins often.There is no gender or number agreement between the modifiers and the noun, except that numeric adjectives, such as naturally are followed by a noun in the plural number.

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Et sa alo jwoa bey alo were late by 10 minutes.The numeral is greater than 2, so the noun is plural.PRESENT HYPOTHETICALVen at su nasika, If I were rich, Ven et teetu, If you would listen,at nusbiu aga tam.Berlina diti dyunwe citizens are called Berliners.Ha tat upa yob bi ha angel came down from the sky.

Go pa went to Paris.CLAUSEPRESENT INDICATIVEVen ot yexe gla, If one works hard,ot succeeds.The freedoms that we enjoy.Du hes, ogel hus, something, otherwise, leave.There are no cases of sounds being represented by paired consonanst as in English ph, sh, ch, or th.

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Hyat oy hwut ta ha dud.Everyone in the world will speak Mirad soon.Van8 eta9 fwas14 xwu15 be6 Meir16 hyiyen17 hu4 xwe18 be6 Totmir7.Mass NounsCOUNTABLEMASSfoodpatayeb.MAKER, zero outosome, doublereesome, tripletuon.Thus, the words have to do with animals.

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If there are two consonants, then the second is the generic consonant.Whatever room you want, you can have.Et yafe per hyem hu et can go anywhere.The Eternal one came down from the sky to see the city with the tower the people of earth had constructed.Pu iz bu fyomir!Ata tayd agxe vosi be wife grows flowers out back.Hogla jodi et akaye hia ekun?

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Hoyen et iyfe hia vafil?The following chart presents Mirad verbs in the Progressive aspect.There were a hundred people in the concert hall.Adding Ordinal Vowels14.The definite article ha is positioned, as in English, before the noun and before any other adjectives or modifiers of that noun.

Directional Prefixes and VowelsTRANSITIVE GESTUREINTRANSITIVE MOTIONoper.The word for age is jag.It yeka oy it tried but he lost.Examples:Ata tam se ga aga vyel house is bigger than yours.This contasts with usage in most European languages.Has has been doneAt xaya.The typical question is:Et se hojaga?

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Van het ivasuxu someone get you guys to be happy.The pronominal deictic determiners can also incorporate gender in such a way that they refer to female or male persons specifically.Yit xa fi; hyiyen, et xo gay did well; in the same way, you will too.The Simple Indicative Future TenseThe simple indicative future tense is marked with the vowel suffix o and has the same meaning as in English I will do something at some particular point in the future.The unvoiced plosives p, t, and k are pronounced without the puff of breath that sometimes follows them in their English counterparts.Otherwise, the full adverb form is used, eg.

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Et xu ga fiay ser bay at vyel boy would do better to be with me than without me.Von teaxu yat su pio von et futipsu.Ha magmeb yonprex tayotyafwa zya ha volcano eruption could be felt throughout the world.For example:Yat tilia ha tilyeb bi drank the glass of wine.Verbs for TransitivityINTRANSITIVE STATICINTRANSITIVE DYNAMICTRANSITIVE ACTIVETRANSITIVE PASSIVEHa mes door opened.

Ha sini se via ay at ife pictures are beautiful and I love them.Huuyti hyaj yubixe females always attract attention.At teataye hua dyezun iwa ey uwa jodi.Su bikaya voy careful not to fall.Indefinite adjectives and pronouns like any, some, all, something, such, etc.

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At voy fe tijbwo gra jwa.PRESENT PARTICIPLEsexeaconstructingHa yansyem sexea hia firm constructing this building.Verbs Built from Prefixes15.Ha tob man dropped dead.At so hum ojo ale jwebi.

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Descriptive adjectives are the main focus of this section.For example, the perfect passive participle of xer is xwa but the pefect passive participle of xler is xlawa.Aat vay tide really do understand you.The determiners hogla and huugla can be used as exclamatory adverbs, eg.Iyt iut voy sa herself was not here.Mamila zojub rained yesterday evening.

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Emphatic Personal Pronounsat aut.Ha dyes kase yob be ha book is down on the floor.His se gla is very good.See the section on Vowels.Zyulmap yuzpa yata tam.

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Heyena fukyes uxaye kind of accident has caused a traffic jam.Et tojba hua twob.Hya domi ayse cities have things of interest.Hia yex work will be indispensable.Se eta can either stay or leave.Most of my forays into being open or poly have been more.At voy da ha vyan; be hyua duni, at did not tell the truth; in other words, I lied.

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Forming Frequentative Verbs14.It xa has hasav hu it fa teatuer yat did it because he wanted to show us something.The conditional complementizer, whether can introduce a clause in the subjunctive, indicating an unreal condition, as in the following examples:At sexu tam ven at su nasika.MOODACTIVEEXAMPLEPASSIVEEXAMPLExerto doAt fe xer fi.Did you see where they went?

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The macro and micro values can also be represented with abbreviated symbols, which can be pronounced in Mirad as spelled out alphabetics.Vey voy may not rain.Creating Stative Verbs from Adjectives15.FUTURE INDICATIVEVen et pio, If you leave,at so uva.Do not confuse bay and boy, both of which can sometimes be translated by with in English.Upu yeb bi ha oma in from the cold outdoors.There are certain directional adverbs that can play a part in forming phrasal prepositions, but cannot act as prepositions in and of themselves:Adverbs Used in Phrasal Prepositionsly, straightdirectly, roundaboutrward, aheadThe next chart lists some phrasal prepositions using the above adverbs:Phrasal Prepositions Using AdverbsPHRASAL PREPOSITIONyub to, close toAt fe tujer yub bi et.

The multiplicative noun dozen is expressed by aleon.Yat tilia awa tilyeb bi drank one glass of wine.Uynati bi yat yantexe.YEM WordsCONTAINERstitutionmilpyem.Intransitive verbs cannot take an object:At yexa hum je ewa jabi.Adverbs Used in Prepositional PhrasesSPECIAL ADVERBHa pat papa yab bu ha bird flew up to the sky.

Dalu hyegla hu et however much you need to.To make a verb of intermediation, that is, a construction like have something done by someone or get something done, simply attach ux to the stem of the verb, as follows:At vyixuxa ata pur.As mentioned earlier, Mirad has no cases, so position in the sentence or prepositions are used, eg.Eynati were four people in that accident.At javefyunda von it jwosu.Only the personal specific pronouns express gender, and then only optionally.

NEUTRALFEMININEMASCULINEbeingpersonsingular vs.Ha naadpar popa zay bu zona train traveled on to the next town.Deverbal adjectives, usually referred to as participles, are treated in the section on Verbs, since they are formed from verbs.The words have to do with food, food preparation, eating and drinking.That information is contained in the subject pronouns governing the verb.Is it true that.

Core Wordstritionocery sserolestronomyoteliwas.Teaten se is believing.Von pyosu ob ha abtamas!Hoa ewa oga nyefi bewe et?Ha tob pia man left for no reason.At voy se eta ted.

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Ha yux bi yams yeyfe nogwer use of carbon should be downscaled.Also, ha means the, while hawa means the only, eg.Et yeyfe simbier zo hua should sit in back of that woman.JUSSIVE suggestion like Van yat us pray.These are covered in the next section.

Also, a declarative sentence can be made interrogative simply by adding a question mark at the end in writing or raising the voice inflection at the end in speaking, eg:Et tambese ha yubem?Here are the most common examples:Inherent Adverbsboy.Hom et koxa has?Yat tilia ha ea tilyebi bi drank the second glasses of wine.So, for example, hot?All Mirad verbs are conjugated in the same way and there are no exceptions.

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Question words that are adverbs, as well as pronominal question words that are the subject of a stative predicate, can appear at the end of a sentence:Et taja hoj?At se yafa xer hes.It baksa; gel jos, it got sick; as a consequence, he died.As adverbs, they can specify time, place, degree, kind, age, frequency, and so forth.At uyfa uda tuz.

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Imminent AspectAt xoye.Oppositional Vowel Values14.Cherish freedomabstraction, no articleHa yivani hu yat ifie.Has se gas ev ha ayn bi hasa is more than the whole of its parts.In a sequence of adjectives before a noun, deictic determiners go first, eg.Equivalent to Be hoa byen.Yat fu ter eta would like to know your name.

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The infinitive minus the er ending is the stem.This amounts 1012 bytes.Has is being doneat xeya.Ha ujnati so ha last shall be the first.Words are as ontologically unambiguous as possible.Yit xo ifonpop ja van yit will go on a honeymoon after they get married.Hosav et tadsa huunog jwa?

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The buffer consonant is y in the active voice, or w in the passive voice.He yeyfwe ober ata tyoyafi?Duven et se you are married.Duven et iyfe per tilami?Fractional Numerical DeterminersCARDINAL NUMERALFRACTION AS NOUNAS ADJECTIVEAS ADVERBAS PREFIXAS VERBoyn.

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Has was doneAt xo.Table of Adjective PrefixesAs in English, where the sense of adjectives can be altered by a number of prefixes of Germanic, Latin, and Greek origin, the sense of adjectives in Mirad can also be altered with prefixes.Regimes and Rulers15.Core WordsMASONRY BASE WORDDERIVATIVESundationoybmas.Buu at me that.Et yefe teaxer yiz bi hia tistam av must look beyond this school for help.The person pronouns can also be feminized.

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Van ha edeb the king live long.Note that the question words introduce the sentence and do not alter the word order as seen in the declarative.By substantive is meant a noun, pronoun, or gerund.Use of the stub instead of the long form is a matter of optional economy.Et yafe bier can take half.Ofawa is used for unwanted for disambiguation purposes.The stem is used as the base for all other verbal instantiations.

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Atas vay Mine won indeed.Verbs are listed in the dictionary under the active voice simple aspect infinitive form, which always ends in er and means to X, or rarely the passive voice simple aspect infinitive form, which ends in wer and means to be Xed.Et voy yafe puxer cannot make me go.Hia tom se anay asoynge aga vyel hua building is only a hundredth as big as that building.Proper nouns, such as names of people, places, languages, etc.

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Ha yabtom bi London se tower of London is that way.Every syllable in Mirad contains one and only one vowel.Duven ha mari se manika?Time, Frequency, and Age QuestionsWHENHOW OFTENHOW OLDoften?Pronounced like English why.Swapping Generic Consonants14.

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His se ha gwa aga tam bi yata is the biggest house in our neighborhood.For example:Et ayse awa tam.Hya mepi izpe roads lead to Rome.At xa has av van et testu.Lit: It is thirteenth hour minus thirteen.Common and Proper NounsCOMMONPROPERNotre Dameconcrete vs.

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My name is John.Yit10 bulwe11 bay12 vyatex13 ay5 tyaf14 ay5 yefu15 hyuitaxner16 tidyenay17.At po ov van at voy fe.The following chart illustrates this:CapitalizationMiradEnglishAmerikamAmericaAmerikamaAmericanAmerikatan AmericanAmerikadAmerican EnglishIvanDropek ay PoosWar and PeaceAt Mirade.Has will be doneAt xu.Potential AspectAt xuye.

The cardinal numerals are words used in counting.At iyfe tuyjer be ha jwoa joeymaj.Ata yex work has come to an end.Hus sa gla ha!Verbs of gesture are formed with the transitive auxiliary verb put, while parallel verbs of motion are formed with the intransitive auxiliary verb go.Duven et te ha dud?The numeric value of vowels is shown in the chart below.

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Teaxu ib, away, please.Fe per bay at?For example: any kind of males would be translated with kind of female would be translated with hyayenayt.Ha tob ta yata man knew our names.The gerund is a verbal noun like English mating in mating rituals.

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The billions are generated with the formant mr;Billions1000, 000, 00002000, 000, 00003000, 000, 00004000, 000, 00005000, 000, 00006000, 000, 00007000, 000, 00008000, 000, 00009000, 000, 0000amroemroimroumroyomroyamroyemroyimroyumroimro emlo yoro billion, two million, five thousand, one hundred fifty oneiro asyulyo.Von yit they not lose.Article One of the Declaration of Human Rights17.Duven et fe per bay at?English I work or I live.

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PRESENT ACTIVE PARTICIPLEknowotea.Another kind of furniture would look better.Mirad is constructed on the following principles:Every vowel has numeric, vectorial, scalar, semantic, or grammatical value.The same is true for the words following other interrogative words, such as Hos?Note 2: Also ogem.

Hua twob voy taxe hia man does not remember this woman.Better luck next time.Yat voy yuve are not bound to stick around.Verbs can be formed from various parts of speech.At voy yifu der hyea fuas.Yat tambee live comfortably.Say whether you are married.

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The past tense vowel a following by a buffer consonant are inserted between the stem and the final tense vowel.Vowel ValuesEXAMPLE BASE WORDouter space, top levelspaceair, gas, skyground, soil, solidliquid, water, seaunderground, mineral, substancemum.The table below shows word stubs that indicate the category of deictic expressions.Numerical determiners are number words that modify nouns, such as one, fifty, a hundred.It fu paper yab bu ha would like to fly up to the sky.For example, At tambeseya hum.

The letter g is always a hard sound as in English gap, not as in English wage.If I were rich, I would be happy.Hyem hu et po, et so ga iva.Relative clauses are discussed in the Relative Clauses section of the chapter on Verbs.Relative PronounsRelative pronouns are presented in the chapter on Free Relative Clauses.

FYA Familycramentcrilegefyoz.At tyoyapu zey ha domep bay gla bik.Some other, related terms:enjab collegedovyab schooltyena school, vocational schoolschoolademyudentudent bodytuxut.Ha tobot taja baby was born yesterday.Some transitive verbs can take both a direct and indirect object.Some rules:Modifiers of a noun or noun phrase precede that noun or noun phrase:Deictic adjectives and possessive pronouns come in first place among the modifiers:Hia via beautiful womanHa aa first letterYata ifwa twed hu toja beloved father who died last yearQuantifiers come after any deictic adjectives or possessive pronouns, but before the noun they modify:Hua ewa two birdsHya ha gla the many daysIyta gla many abilitiesPrepositions precede their complement:Za ata front of my housePrepositional phrase modifiers follow the noun they modify:ha domep zo yata street behind our housesaxam yub bi et.The words underlined below are considered adverbial because they can modify verbs.

Note that the backslash means per or divided by and is pronounced gol.Yat tilia ha tilyebi bi drank the glasses of wine.Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.Determiners are words that specify or point out the context of nouns and other parts of speech.Furthermore, as for part of speech, determiners can be adjectives, pronouns, or adverbs.

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THIRD PERSON GENERICselfthemselvesExamples of personal pronoun usage:At yafe teater aut be ha sinzyef.Note 2: The potential aspect, represented by the vowel u is much like the conditional in English, but is not considered a tense in Mirad.For example, the pronoun I stands for the person standing at this place.For example:will rain.Yat tilia ewa tilyebi bi drank two glasses of wine.

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Here is a chart of simple prepositions.Buu hus bu that to me.Here is a table showing the Mirad macro and micro prefixes:MIRAD PRON.Yit yexe gey be work even nights.Factive ResponsesFACTIVE RESPONSEVa, at, I understand.

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His se jub av is a day for celebration.Using xer to Build Verbs from Adjectives15.Ay25 von32 izbu33 yat20 ub34 fuyekuen35,And lead us not into temptation,oy36 yivxu37 yat20 bi27 fyox38.Se igefwa av et uper gwa is urgent for you to come as soon as possible.Here are some other examples where analogy and mnemonics are used to the maximum:Analogy and Mnemonicseetopbsidiarytayof.Yet yefu ought to leave.Mirad vowels can be divided into simple vowels and glided vowels.

The preposition vyel is used for two purposes:about, concerning, relative to as in Hia dyes vyel moltun se book about physics is difficult.Aat tyoyapo yab bey ha will walk up the hill.Esa uwa tobi se hua fukyes.Using the negative complementizer, von, the above sentence could be rephrased as:At uzba ata teb av von at teatu has hu xowe.At da it ham hu et tambee.

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It glaxag often wins.Bi hom et se?It denotes the polar opposite of the adjective.It pyasa yeb bu ha jumped into the river.Je van et tuxeya, at you were studying, I was sleeping.OctobervembercemberOTHERsojab.Igpu yob bu ha down to the cellar.

Word derivation is systematic, consistent, analogical, and mnemonic.Et yafu could win.Article One of the Declaration of Human Rights is often used to show how various invented international auxiliary languages compare with one another in written form.The following chart shows how in Mirad to pronounce coherent derived unit formulae in terms of base units.Here are some examples showing how these quantitative determiners are used:Et deuze huugla sing so well.At po oy at voy beso glajob.ORIENTEDPERMISSIONlowedpermittedrmissableNECESSITYedfulnecessarycessary, requiredPROHIBITIONunallowedohibitedprohibitedPOSSIBILITYablepossibleyafwa.

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Creating Derived xer Words with Prefixes15.The verb xer means to do.Ha akut sa winner was you.As in English, descriptive adjectives can be modified by degree.Et Miradale speak Mirad well.Bi hia deuzuti, hoat et gafie?

Et ay Bob yeyfe ser and Bob should be friends.Huasi se ga Those are better.For example, am, is, are, which change according to the person subject in English, are all expressed with the same verb form in Mirad: se.Lit: It is fifth hour plus a quarter.Biu hia this telegram.

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Words like half of it, a third of them:Eynas sa of it was good.Stubs are abbreviated pieces of a root word that are often used as suffixes and sometimes as prefixes.Diwe Engladu say it in English.Dilwe van et yanupu yat.At jay teataye hiyenasi.Yepu oyeb bi ha in out from the cold.The possessive form of is, eg.

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The stems of the words in this family begin with d for society and end in t for human.Direct and inderect object pronouns in Mirad work syntactally just as in English.For example, in the English sentence I like what I see, the clause what I see is a free relative clause, because it has no antecedent, but itself serves as the object of the verb like in the main clause.Continents and Their Inhabitants15.At fu hyuawa til.

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The mnemonic associations this word suggests.Adjectives quantifying a singular mass noun:Ga nas money will be needed.If there is no subject pronoun, you is understood.The forms in the MALE and FEMALE column are optional and used only when a distinction is needed.Voy esa duz, gey bay hus, ha xej sa was no music.

Hyoyena tes such meaning can be inferred.Ha mes yijbwa bey door was opened by an intruderHa mes door closed.Ordinal Vowel Scaling14.YANSINGLETONCOLLECTIONgimen, systemuquettoom.His se is a good thing.

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Hoasi se eta gwafiasi?The preposition bi can be used for from, indicating origin, or of, denoting possession or origin.Pronouns are words that substitute for explicit nouns.If the direct object comes first, then the preposition must be overtly specified before the indirect object, eg.In the summary chart below, the mnemonic origin is given for each color term.

Then the Eternal one scattered the men far from there to all parts of the earth, and they halted construction of the city and tower.EXPRESSION OF THANKShway!Negative Conditional ComplementizerOt voy ujakeOne does not succeedohev ot yexe one works hard.CAUSATIVEodorlesstastelessAt teatyofxwa bey ha mani.Adjectival DeterminersADJECTIVEOF SELECTIONADJECTIVEOF KINDADJECTIVEOF POSSESSIONhoa.Se yoa jwobi gob is quarter past five.Some other examples of usage:Et jagseye are aging well.

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Ot yefe ifer must love oneself.This is not the case in Mirad, where both clauses are in the future.Indicative MoodThe indicative form of the verb indicates an action or state that occurs in actual time, such as he went, he is going, he will go.The day in the above expression is pronounced ali.For example, in Group 1 base words, the ordinal is often the vowel o, the zeroth number.See more about this in the section on relative clauses under Verbs.Hia nas se aloyn bi has yat aysa money is a tenth of what we had last year.

Simbiu eb hut ay a seat between that person and me.Ha twob hu at gwa ife se man I most love is you.At jada van et puo jwa.Some of these complementizers can act in either or both roles.Numerical Determiners in UseWa BehaviorPluralization Behaviorno houses, zero housesThe numeral is a unit, so wa is suffixed.

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Verbs can be serial:It deuze, daze, ay sings, dances, and plays an instrument.At voy teataye et ji zoyejub.At tojo ivay, tea van at beaye fia tej.Hia yex work will be critical.We were living in Boston.While people were migrating from the east, they discovered a plain in the region of Shenear and they settled there.

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The following chart shows deictic determiners used as pronouns.He et fe yebuper?Du at haj hu et me when you hu iyt se iva, iyt deuze.Is it true that, say whether.The following confusing terms should be kept distinct:Collective Wordsdividual, persondividualivatellectiveaotyana.This is only their first accomplishment.Note 3: There is another form of the progressive participle that falls in the lexical, rather than morphological category, in that such forms are listed in the dictionary as adjectives.

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Drink, Food, LiquidsSTUBEXAMPLES, drinkuelgyalevabil.Hyasi things come to an end.At voy teste haas hu et song?The letter c was changed to sound like the ch in English chair.It yexe bi amaryap bu works from sunup to sundown.

The future potential and hypothetical potential aspects are never used.WeaponsWEAPONSntuyab adopar.Yat efe gla ga need many more policemen.Duven eta dyun se John?At ive teater et bakser.

Ha tobot tujbwo baby will be put to sleep soon.The word hyuit is a portemanteau of same one combined with other one.The verb fer means to want and is following by a noun or pronoun, an infinitive, or an entire clause, eg.Etasi naze ga vyel are worth more than mine.PAST INDICATIVEVen et ta, If you knew,et kept quiet.TEMPORAL, whileRELATIONAL, viaboy.That entity consists of modified or unmodified zero or more nouns or pronouns.

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They are further used in mathematical operations.He will grow up before you notice it.The stems of the words in this family start with d for society and end with b for organization.The words than and as are translated by the relative conjunction vyel.When forming a compound word with the words of a same family of terms, if the ordinal vowel is an o, replace it with the ordinal vowel of the determinant word.

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All native Mirad words are derived from one or more of these roots.Common Verb Derivatives15.Et yafe per hyem hu et fu.Nouns can be modified by various qualitative, quantitative, and deictic adjectives, which all precede the noun.Parallels in Animal Vocabulary, billgapeteib.

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Some simple and complex prepositions can introduce a dependent clause, but must be followed by the positive particle van.Ha amar se yib bi ha sun is far from the earth.Interesting Parallels in Animal Vocabulary15.Verbs in the passive voice are by nature intransitive.At voy te ham hu it pa.If the adjectival ending a is dropped, then the resulting stative verb has a more idiomatic sense.

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Here are some examples:Ata tej se life is good.Hyej hu et dale, at ivteude.Hyet yefe eker hia can play this game.The letter c is used only in foreign words and represents the unvoiced affricate sound t͡ʃ like the ch in English church.Bracketing indicates a choice of letters or patterns.Ha pati papa yuz bi yata birds flew around our house.

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Hoa deuzi se eta gwafiasi?Yat fu daler bay ha gwa would like to speak with the youngest ones.At se ili jabi jaga.Finite verb forms are conjugated by using suffixes indicating, through their presence or absence, the following categories:TENSESpresentpastfuturetenselessMOODSindicativehypotheticalASPECTSsimpleprogressiveperfectimminentpotentialVOICESactivepassivereciprocalPerson and number are not marked on the verb form itself.Hos se nax bi pop bu ay bi Boston?Hyos yoka thing surprised me.

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It is important that you be early.Van hyat su iva!Et efe hwoyder need to apologize to me.Now I only have two.He is the guy that earned the most this year.His se ifek bi is a game of luck.

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When a group of elements has been classified by a cardinal enumeration following scientific rules, the indicated number replaces the classifier consonant and, with the generic consonant, forms the name of the chemical element.At otadsa haj hu at sa eta jag.Use of the verb fer in the hypothetical mood means would like, eg.Huat hu at teexe gwaxag draye ejna one I listen to the most has written a new song.Calendar Time UnitsGEOLOGICPERIODSSEASONSMONTHSDAYS OF THE WEEKjiab.It kosa oyb ha hid under the bench.

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Many of the above adverbs can be prefixed to verbs, nouns, and even adjectives to indicate motion in various directions.Se vyaa van at gra is true that I eat too much.Thus, they had bricks for building stones and tar for mortar.Ha yux bi yams yeyfe yobnogwer.Hyeyena til se kind of drink is available.How old are you?Van eyt ujaku be eytia yexnadi.

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At teasa ha dyezun ay at iyfa has gla.Yat tilia ha ea tilyeb bi drank the second glass of wine.Verbs can be transitive, intransitive, or reflexive.From these, pronominalized quantitative determiners for PERSONS and THINGS can be derived.Ologiesychologyychologisteumologyeumologistanatologyanatologistpattun.The vowel should be pure, as in the Romance languages of Europe.

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By contrast, the prefix little is used for actions that are underdone, eg.At tijpa ja majij.At voy teataya huyenas ji van et sa hum.The numeral is not a unit so no wa is suffixed.Prepositions are words that connect and show a relationship between a noun or noun phrase and the rest of the sentence.The unit integral numerals are combined with the formant wa to form the first ten numerical determiners that are used to quantify a noun.

Lit: the place that.Yat teapa iyt zojub visited her yesterday afternoon.Hus xwaye gaxag vyel et has happened more often than you know.Se fia van et is good that you came.Countries, Inhabitants, and Languages15.

Derivational affixes change the part of speech of a base word, whereas inflexional affixes change the status of a word within a grammatical paradigm.After this, anything they plan will be realizable.CONDITIONALvenif, whetherVen et te, du utdide ven it upo.At yufa von et upu.Note that in cases where the relative clause ends in a preposition governing the man clause antecedent, a pronoun is added agreeing in gender, number, and animacy with the main clause antecedent.Rivers and Streams15.Determiners in Mirad fall into the following categories:Types of DeterminersTYPEENGLISH EXAMPLESQuantitativemore, less, veryNumericalone, half, firstDeicticthe, this, some, every, which?

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Et yafe xer hyes hu et can do whatever you like.The meaning of the base words of Group 1 comes from the combination of the values of the classifier and the generic consonants.Mirad letter names in succession left to right.The distinction between a form like what?Perfect AspectAt xaye.Other terms:lative, sibtiibil relativenshipnfolk, clanfamiliasstard, bastard son, bastard childstard daughter, orphan sondaughterchelor, unmarried manoytadayt.Reflexive personal pronouns like English myself, yourself, etc.

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There is also the hybird truth particle vyao, meaning true or false, eg.Parentheses indicate that a letter is optional.Yat efa needed to sleep.Here is a chart showing the main modal auxiliary verbs in Mirad:Principle Modal Auxiliary Verbsnotufer.Diwe xu hes av do something for me.Teaxu yob bu ha down to the ground.

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The following chart presents Mirad verbs in the Imminent aspect.Building Verbs from Adjectivesgoaxer.Double quotes are used to surround the directly quoted part of the sentence.Transitive verbs can take a direct object and oppose themselves to intransitive verbs, which do not take a direct object.At voy fe hyea yux.Fyadyesa blical HebrewAjyena Hebrad.At yexa hum je gla jabi.

Hogla jubi jaga se hia tobot?Duven et texe van ha maalyen gafiso hijub?There is a whole set of deictic prefixes, which are joined to category stubs to derive adjectival, pronominal, and adverbial determiners.Ayet efe people and I need to stick together.At ta van iyt upo.

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Hallowed by thy name.Subordinating Conjunctions11 Interjections12 Hybrids13 Greetings14 Vocabulary Formation14.Chart of Group 1 Scaled Base Words15.For example, the Mirad name for China is Cinam.Marking Words for Gender14.Unjnay, hyoa fus the end, nothing bad happened.

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Mirad z is pronounced like a German s, as in Sohn, not like z as in zehn, which sounds more like ts.Here, the cardinal numbers are added as a secondary ordinal vowel to the stem vowel to create the names of the planets in our solar system:Planet namesMONTHSECONDARYORDINALVOWELNUMERICVALUErcurymeyor.This device may be used to distinguished two differently nuanced verbs.Hyot fida iyt; be nem bi hus, yit fuda praised her; instead, they badmouthed her.How frequently the word and its derivations are used in the language.

Stems with eu are mnemonic for and refer to sound, singing, noises, etc.The sun will rise tomorrow at dawn.Datan se ga fia vyel iendship is better than money.Locative Deictic Adverbsham place where, wheremewherefollowing placea placewherehyam.Ha twobot tajbwa jo baby boy was birthed after midnight.

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Here are the letters that differ somewhat or function somewhat differently from English:The letter x is pronounced like an sh in English.Et upuxwa him were made to come here for some reason.At teata vyavay hugla tami.In this more complex world, the last letter of the stem determines the transitivity: s for intransitive and x for transitive.JO Familyrethoughtand on, forthterwards, then,nceji thenju.Similarly, hya means every, all, while hyawa means each, eg.English translation:The Tower of BabelThen, all earthly humans had a single language and a common vocabulary.

Ha twob tojbwa bey ita man was killed by his wife.Ha dep army would be decimated.In addition, verbs can be described in terms of the following opposing lexical categories.Pronominal Determiners under Pronouns.Female Counterparts of Animalsgoatonessupyoyt.

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Types of Roads and Paths15.At voy ta ven et upo.Correlative conjunctions:Correlative ConjunctionsEt ay at po and I will go there.There are no silent consonants.This family includes words having to do with the arts, such as theater, sculpture, music, poetry, etc.

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Not to be confused with voy, which translates the English adverb not, as in Vo, wit voy se, he is not married.CAUSEDuven et te hasav hu it xa his?At peye bu zedom.Voy se yuka yaprer hia is not easy to climb this mountain.Iyt eka oy played but lost.Su yab bi ha up from the bed.

This done by inserting the letter w before the characteristic vowel for males and the letter y after the characteristic vowel for females.Duven et hyej upo zoy?Van yat ijbu bay fyadil.Calendar Time Units15.How are you doing?Central AmericanZea Amerikat.

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Intransitive verbs like per to go do not have a passive voice.HATEhatedRISK, bravesafeFEARa dangerighteningJOYa joyivwa.Hoj ha tobot tajpo?His se is under construction.The subject can be a noun phrase, which can include modifiers like deictic adjectives, quantifiers, or descriptive adjectives preceding a noun or nouns heading up a prepositional phrase.

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The word jaga can be left understood:At se ilo.Duven eta apet aka?Ha Anxwa Doobi gey dyunxwe ha AD.Ha twob yofwa man could not be revived.Huti yanyexe guys work well together.

Time, Frequency, and Age Questions15.Much new vocabulary was added and some words were altered.Voy se yeva jayevder hes.Other adverbs and come either before or after the verb, depending on emphasis.It gobla iut bay cut himself with a knife.

Integral Numerical Determiners are adjectives based on whole numerals that modify a following noun.If the verb form has a subject not preceded by the complementizers van, ven, or von, then it is probably a CONDITIONAL predicate like At fu per.Here are some examples:Ha tob, hu tadsa ja ewa jabi, ayse awa man, who got married two years ago, has one child.Hos et xu ven et aysu ga nas?At teato et zajub jwamaj.

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Ujbaway ha dodal, it speech having been finished, he left.Note 1: Also gem.It voy did not come to.Root Morphemes Alphabetized15.For example, the sh sound in English is represented by x in Mirad.

The noun following the numerical determiner is plural if the number is greater than one.Sometimes, the last syllable of a compound will give birth to a new words whose derivations, through the application of this rule, will not be long.WordsMILITARYSOME DERIVATIONSmmander of the armed itary itary itantforce ghter jetforce, armycommanderdepet.Hyeowas oivlaxo ither one will dissatisfy me.Usage examples of deictic determiner adjectives derived from:Hoa tam se etas?

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They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.Polar DirectionsDIRECTIONSrthernuthernimera.Englishin Englishin FrenchThe name of the language discussed in this book is Mirad, which comes from mira, meaning global, world.Sometimes, a deictic determiner specifies numerical information.Here are some examples:Verb Derivation with Ber and PerPREPOSITONBASETRANSITIVE GESTURE VERBINTRANSITIVE MOTION VERB, put on, get ontervene, take offoper.Ancient GreekVyisina Helenad.

If the stem vowel of the color term is doubled, then the meaning is the brighter version of the color, eg.Hot aka ha igpek?Say whether you are.It ufaye hyaj has always hated being looked at.Progressive aspect forms like I am studying are explained later.Ha xeus sa noise was deafening.Types of Roads, road, route, crossing aybmep.

The Simple Hypothetical Tenseless TenseA verb form ending in u like pu has no time value and is used to express unreal actions or states, such as the imperative, hortative, jussive, conditional, or subjunctive.At fu beser him.Participles are verbal adjectives and can modify nouns and pronouns.At teaso et haj hu et puo him.VU Familygnificentrvelousamorousvifa.Et yive dier have a right to ask for a lawyer.The Tower of Babel story in Mirad:Ha Yabtom bi BabelHuj, hya meirtobi bea ana dalzeyn ay yansauna dunyan.

The following set of interjections and adverbs can be used to affirm, cast doubt on, or negate declarations:Affirming, Doubting, Negative DeclarationsINTERJECTIONPROPOSITIONAFFIRMATIVE, reallyVa.Proper nouns, including names of places and persons, inhabitants of those places, and the languages spoken there, are capitalized.KINDhayen, in what way, ashyeyen ever, in any way, in whatever mannerhyiyen as, the same way asAt utdide hayen hu it xa hus.Yat fa iyt wanted her to stop.Lit: any time that.Hia bavol kyinse ga vyel 10.

Ism Wordscialismuddism, thinggwafistin.Guiding Principles for Vocabulary Formation14.It is where the Eternal One mixed up the languages of all humans and scattered them all over the earth.The meaning of each letter of the word.Progressive Aspectat xeye.Pu zoy bu ha back to the store.

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Hosav iyt se voy tadxwa?Hiyena xeyen voy type of behavior will not be tolerated.Popen se jesta aveling is hard work.Punctuation and the rules governing it are basically the same as in English, except for one difference.This is a French wine.

Lit: It is tenth hour of nighttime.Directional and Other Specifiers in Geographic Names15.Some verbs are marked overtly for transitivity.Teaxu ib ha away from the sun.At yufa von it toju.

Van weti aku hia you guys win this game.Here is the Mirad version of Article One, followed by the English version:MIRAD: Hyaa1 tobi2 taje3 yiva4 ay5 gea6 be7 utfiz8 ay5 doyivi9.General Time Words15.PAST HYPOTHETICALVen at tayu, If I had known,at dudayu hyuyen.The preposition is used in partitive expressions like tilzyeb bi vafil.Here is chart showing all of the group 2 base words in Mirad:Group 2 Base Words and Principal DerivationsOPPOSITEeventa,artingyaper.

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These words have to do with trees, fruits, nuts, vegetables, plants, grasses, and grains, as shown in this chart:Fob and Vob Core WordsTREES, FRUITS, VEGETABLESPLANTS, GRAINS, LEGUMESgetable, nutvyob.Pu iz bu right up to him.Examples of these conjunctions linking a main and subordinate clause:At ta van et upo.The following sentences illustrate the use of the above pronominal determiners:Hot aka zajuba ek?Hat uzpa turned left.

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Adverbs of frequency like how often, so often, neverAdverbs of age like this old, how old?At fu hwayder et.Correlative Coordinating ConjunctionsThe following conjunctions come in pairs:At hyaewa dyede ay dre Mirad.Similarly, to write in Mirad and to read in Mirad would be Miradrer and Miradyeer, respectively.Object, much like English and all of the Romance languages.

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Ha pati papa ayb ata birds flew over my house.Et yafe bier hyeglasi et can take however many you want.These numeric vowels can be used as the ordinal in base words that form a scalar, hierarchical, or taxonomic series, eg.Hus nyuf se bi parcel is from us.Et te ha dud, vao?

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Creating Stative Verbs from Nouns15.Examples of mathematical expressions:E gab e gele plus two equals four.This type of construction occurs in the last two example sentences above.At xe fi be tistam.The usual question about age is Hojaga et se?Deriving Nuanced Words Phonetically14.

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In Mirad, deictic pronouns or adverbs followed by the relative complementizer hu, as shown in the chart below, are used to introduce the free relative clause.Et voy se gel are not like me.In the active voice, the tense vowels a, e, o, and u are affixed to the stem.Et tambese be HOa neM?Thus, say in Mirad is Mirader and speak Mirad is Miradaler.Babies and Diminutives15.At iyfe hiasi ga vyel huasi.

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The upper case letters are used for capitalization exactly as in English.In Arabic and some other languages, this is called the jussive mood.Times of Day15.ENGLISH: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.Hyaewa domi cities have grown.At se ga jaga vyel ha meybi.Determiners and the section on Pronouns.

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Be careful to use the transitive, causative verb form when you have a direct object, and the intransitive, inchoative verb form when no direct objects are present or possible, eg.Regional AdministrationsREGIONAL ADMINISTRATIONdoab.Mirad represented as formulaic patterns.HebrewVisauna assical HebrewmanshVisauna assical LatinVutyana Vulgate, Vulgar LatinFyaxela turgical LatinnskritussianmanceAajnaAjyena Helenad.No hyphen means that the morpheme is a complete word as is.Will I take our relationship more seriously and will that imbalance doom us?

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Yet yeyfe yovser people should be ashamed of yourselves.The first three adverbs in the above chart are used to affirm or emphasize, cast doubt on, or negate verb predicates as in the examples that follow:AFFIRMATIVE: Va, at vay se, I am indeed married.Et se tadxwa, vao?For example, agaxer means to magnify, make bigger, but agxer is more idiomatic and means to grow.The hypothetical vowel u followed by a buffer consonant are inserted between the stem and the final tense vowel.Yu gol i gele divided by three equals three.Duven et te hagla nas hu it ayse?

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There are two moods in Mirad: indicative and hypothetical.Yit yexeya ov were working against us.This is a derived, not base, word, but the principle holds.Yat teje eyb live among good people.Hyeawa tim ivlaxo room will satisfy me.It upu iz zoy bi ha came right back from the office.At voy xu hus.

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Note: Compounded nouns often have an idiomatic meaning not exactly equal to their separate parts.Moreover, there was thunder.The writing system now consists only of letters of the Roman alphabet, with no diacritics.At se gwajagat bi ata tod.Types of Clouds15.The earth revolves around the sun.

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The vowel should be pure, as in the Romance languages of Europe.Here is a chart showing the most important of these conjunctions:Subordinating conjunctions with vanjaDu hay ja van et hi before you leave.The hierarchy of scalar terms is built by increasing the numeric value of the ordinal vowel of the base word as the importance or relevance of the word decreases from the topmost, zeroth object.WordsNOUNSVERBSbaak.At tambese 114 Maple Street.Yata teji kyasa lives changed on that day.The core verb ser means to be and is the base for many verbs having to do with being, becoming, and creating.

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His xwo ja zajub.Is good that you came.The numeral is less than 2, so the noun is singular.Prefixing the syllable lyo has an even stronger semantic effect.Menomonics and Analogy15.

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Ha tobot taja child was born yesterday.At voy upo oven et upo gay.The words have to do with clothing.English, pronounce in EnglishDuven et Angladale?Formant1000, 0002000, 0003000, 0004000, 0005000, 0006000, 0007000, 0008000, 0009000, 000amloemloimloumloyomloyamloyemloyimloyumloemlo yala.If the subject of the verb is preceded by, then it is a CONDITIONAL clause as in Ven at su I were a rich man.Verb stems can be suffixed with modal participles to produce related modal verbs and adjectives.

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Aso gor e gele hundred squared equals ten.Hia tamaz se asoni bi jabi castle is hundreds of years old.Et yefe puer ja must arrive before noon.Every consonant is meaningful either lexically or grammatically.These group 1 base words are mostly hierarchical in nature with the zeroth element being at the top of the scale:Group 1 Scaled Base Wordstropolistyov.

At fa per oy yofa.Names of the Planets15.Who killed that guy?First, here is an explanation of the formulae use in the table:An uppercase consonant is the classifier of the morpheme.Aata tam voy house was not destroyed.Shapes, figure, solidctangleunoizgun.

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Iynxu hua that pie in thirds.Mirad has semantic stub suffixes, derivational suffixes, and normal semantic suffixes.Se yaa jwobi gab is six thirty.In the combining process, the determining word is placed quite simply in front of the word it determines.Here are the names of the planets in our solar system.Some usual responses are:At se elo jaga.Yat toybeti fe ayser yauta gals want to have our own space.

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Buu at hua me that book.Ot ofe mavier is prohibited to smoke here.At ujba ha dyes ji iwa jwobi.Teaxu: Yit sanse ana tyob, hu hyati bee yansauna dalyen.To make the unit numerals more understandable in contexts such as counting, arithmetic, and telephone communications, the unit formant wa is added to them.At jateate yet yeut be hua dezzamos.

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The present tense vowel e followed by a buffer consonant, are inserted between the stem and the final tense vowel.The verbs that are formed from adjectives fall mainly into two groups, the transitive group with do, make, cause, and the intransitive group with be, become.Vulgar expletives are not offered here, but may arise naturally in daily speech.At fu ga shoe is not big enough.Tyoyapu ub toward this way.

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For example:At egteato et hejob.All the letters of an acronym are upper case.At hoj teataye hiti.Ha tyal ijbwa meal was started early.Huyen, yat so yibtrewa ay hus jaebo yata yonzyaben bu hyami bi ha meir.

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Bosu ey at tuyapyexo still or I will spank you.Esa mapil je ha was a storm during the night.All the selective determiners refer to one or more things or persons from a selectable pool of things or persons.Hos se ge fua vyel has hu yat soa thing is as bad as what we underwent last year.At yeyfa xer has ga ig.

Has is doneAt xa.Lit: It is sixth hour minus a half.Reflexive personal pronouns are invariable for gender.Such adjectives precede the noun or noun phrase they modify:aga tam.There are also some hybrid combinations of the above assertive expressions:Hybrid InterjectionsVao?

By the same token, adding the intensifying consonants l and r add strength to the model verb sense:Hua toyb yufxa woman scared me.Abstract NounsCONCRETEABSTRACTolnessngingcountable vs.Here are the principal parts of a day:Parts of the DayDAYTIMENIGHTTIMEtime, dayghttime, nightbi maj.EXPRESSION OF FUNhwiy!Von yufu; At not; I am coming.

Both the reflexive pronoun and reciprocal pronoun can be used as standalone objects.Duven it gaj tejeye?The letters c and q are used only to represent words and names imported into Mirad from other languages.This, next, last, etc.The simple past is punctual, that is, it describes an event that occurred at a particular point in time.His se taam av ha is a home for the ederly.The ordinal vowel indicates the terrain: land, air, water, or a combination of these.

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The stem vowel indicates whether the term applies to the sky, ground, water, etc.Hyat be ha mir Mirado glojo.You were very kind.Pronominal determiners, which can also be referred to as possessive adjectives, are derived from pronouns by adding the adjectival ending a to the end of the pronoun, as follows:at.RESTRICTIVE: Ha mar hu yata mer yuzpe dyunwe ha star that our planet goes around is called the sun.Huyenasi hoj things are never done.The transitive forms can be either active or passive.

An extra o is added to these prefixes to avoid ambiguity with yan meaning together and yon meaning apart.Prepositions, as in English, are positioned before the noun or noun phrase they connect.Maj refers to the daylight hours and moj to the darkness hours.Glati dyunwe oy gloti are called but few are chosen.Mirad adjectives and adverbs.Here are some comparative examples:It agxe grows grapes.

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Note: The English expression Please can be expressed in various ways:Hwey!The different, somewhat confusing, meanings of how are illustrated here:Hoyen it xa hus?Spanish mira or Italian Roma or British Eng.Parallel Time Words, oldajoba.Not that only indicative mood imminent tenses are ever used.

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Hyam hu et pe, su bikaya.The principal changes are:The letter w was added to mark the passive voice of verbs, among other things.By appending y to hawa, we get the adverb, solely, eg;Haway et nize ata you deserve my attention.The English determiner this, for example, specifies a noun for its proximity to the current context.Aat zaybuxo hia dovyabdren.Se uva van iyt is sad that she left.Mirad is a Miradut or Miradalut.

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Here are some examples of how adverbial determiners are used:Hom et tambese?They are called stubs, because they are part of a longer word that has been reduced.Has will be happeningat xeyu.Numerical Vowel Values14.Compare the following two examples:Hoas et fu?Hia dyes se ata book is my favorite.

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Here are some examples:Transitive vs.Et yuve buer are supposed to give money.Ha dezun play has ended.INTENSIFIEDfond ofntentivra.Weti yefe ugay guys must slowly improve.Aat yeyfe axer gel ven aat teata should act as if we saw nothing.Ha edeb fu teater et.

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Ot voy yefe daler must not talk in such a manner.Lit: It is third hour of daytime.Hya dom ayse tebixea suni city has interesting things to see.Ha twobeti dizeuda boys laughed at one another.Et yeyfe should leave.Hus vey vay se That may indeed be wrong.Hoyenasi weti iyfe xer je ha kinds of things do you guys like to do during the day?

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Et yeka; gay, et ujaka!These participles end in ut.Voy yafwe beser him is not possible to remain here any longer.RELATIVE ADVERBSMIRAD ADVERB.Glaxag it he wins.

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Certain streets will be renamed.Yofwa av at was not possible for me to laugh.Duven et te ha dud?If you WILL leave, I WILL be sad.Not: Pu bu tam!You can form an adjective by adding the suffix a to a substantive, adverb, or preposition.The stems in this family begin with m, meaning place and end in s, meaning thing.

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Bi byua teagun, at eke duzar.Upu, van yat sanxu hegla mefi ay magxu hasi.The buffer consonant is y in the active voice, or w in the passive voice.Free Relative ClausesRELATIVE PRONOUNSMIRAD.At teato et I will see you tomorrow.The stems of the words in this family begin with t, meaning human and mental states and activities like knowing, thinking, feeling, etc.

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For example, in Mirad, Pu!Blue is a color.Everyone was ordered to be silent.ORIENTEDbeing, personsbandspousedatif.Explanation of the above chart:If the vowel is capitalized, it indicates a positional value.The stems of the words in this family begin with and end in and have to do with the military and war.In the passive voice, the passive marker consonant w is inserted between the stem and the final tense vowels.

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His se av et.The following chart shows other age expressions, many of which are agglutinations of the deictic prefixes beginning with h:Age ExpressionsAGEhojaga?Et voy se ata are not my boss.This chart shows some examples:Prepositions as Clausal ConjunctionsPREPOSITIONCLAUSAL CONJUNCTIONja vanIt tojo ja van et will die before you arrive.Selective Deictic PronounsSELECTIVESTHINGSPERSONSHere are some examples using these deictic selective pronouns:Duven et fu hias ey huas?

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In such a case, the feminized form refers to an object that is for woman, rather than men, eg.HYPOTHETICALTENSELESSAt pu.Yat tilia hya ewa tilyebi bi drank both glasses of wine.Here are some examples showing how these modal verbs are used as auxiliaries:Et afe oyeper ay may go out and play.Hua mas efwe wall needs to be repainted.Huyena duni yeyfwe yixwer za words should not be used in front of me.

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Even higher numbers are shown in the chart in the next section.Dirwa van hyat was ordered that everyone be silent.At tijbo et jwa.HORTATIVEvanthat, so that, let, mayAt ta van it yat et su xa has van et fitexu at.Lit: for the thing that.

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At yefe hyoder I must take leave of you.Hya alonijagati aso teenagers will become adolescents.At se ulo jaga.The invariable relative complementizer hu is used to introduce a bound relative clause and refer back to an element in the main clause.It tyoyapa oyeb zye ha walked out through the front door.

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Everyone I met was fida hyati hu at yeyfa.The letter h was added, mainly to create a systematic set of determiners like this, that, and every.The pronominal deictic interrogative determiner hot?Hia tit se gla pupil is very perceptive.Many expressions relating to age are built on the Mirad word for age: jag.Tob se entyoyaba is a bipedal creature.

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Katharevusa, Puristic GreekYasauna motic, Vulgar GreekEjyena GreekA book in Swahili would be called Swahilada dyen.Huaytihu fu pier females who would like to leave may.IZ Family, straight, head raight shot, straight dicate, point, driver, rveuznod.NUMBER category is not listed above, because this caterory does not affect the morphology of the Mirad verb form itself.For example:At teaxa yab.At ijba ata tyal.

The pronoun this stands for the thing or person nearest.IMPOSSIBILITYunableimpossibleVOLITIONfa.Ha tobi igpia yib bi ha people ran far from the prison.The family includes areas, places, locations, buildings, houses, rooms, spaces, and containers.His kyesa exag happened twice today.

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Iyt yayfe might win.The numeral i is a unit, so wa is suffixed.Central, MiddleFor example:Omera AfricaZea Amerikam.NO QUESTIONANSWERDuven eta dyun se John?Hotia deuzi et gaife?

NEGATIVE: At voy se eta yuxrut.Ser yiva se ser be free is to be happy.Directional and Positional Vowel Values14.Lit: for the thing that.Aleoni bi pati of birds flew by.

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Spanish would be Spanyadalut, or more simply, Spanyadut.John, how are you doing?Teatyofwaxu ha the spots invisible.Ha fabi uzasa je ha trees bowed during the storm.The word for calendar is judar.

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You would make a good president.Se yoa jwobi gab is quarter after five.Ha teji bi hyaiwati se lives of all three are in danger.Who will be your lead actor?Verbs of Communication15.

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The consonants, especially the classifier consonant, have meanings like those in the above chart.Even so, the event was entertaining.English and Mirad Adjectival Suffix Comparison14.Ha dyes hyoj book never got finished.The names of common colors in Mirad are mnemonically based on flowers and other natural products that have distinctive colors.Yat yefe yexer must work together.

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In a sequence of noun modifiers, the numerical determiner goes in the same place as in English, eg:Ata iwa gajaga three older brothers.It tojbuxa had them killed.The logic of its composition.Noubar Agopoff as a serious medium for easy and logical international communication.Duven et tre huyt?The letter s was changed to sound like the s in English sun.Vowels and Their Meanings14.

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Hua tobot se anay ewa jubi baby is only two days old.At gorbuxo ata tayeb zamaj.Ven et te ha dud, du you know the answer, say it.Gel hus, at dance; likewise, I sing.General Time WordsGENERAL TIME WORDSjob bi uvan.Quantitative determiners act in one of several ways, they:specify mass, uncountable, singular nouns for relative AMOUNT, eg.

Yurx se ufwa avery is an odious practice.Et pia left for some reason.The numeral alo is not a unit, so wa is not suffixed.The hypothetical mood is also used in subjunctive clauses.This is followed by a w if the participle is in the passive voice.At fu teaper et edjub.

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Hyey At ta voy van et!The singular person pronouns in the above chart can be converted into pronominal determiners by adding the adjective suffix a, eg.Here are some common greetings:Common GreetingsHay!Lit: I know not.Hia tom se nam.They serve to put a word into some category, such as liquid, place, person, or material.Any of these can be adjectivized.

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For example, in the phrase The animals bothering our bird feeder.These words differ by nuances and it is phonetic nuances that govern their formation.Prepositions can also be prefixed to change the direction of the gestures or motions.Has will have been doneAt xayu.The word can be analyzed as a command meaning Say whether.Is it true that.All the words have to do with money, business, trade, and merchandise.

It deuze sings beautifully.At ta van et upo.Duven et te hasav hu it xa you know why he did that?Tower of BabelBe yuboj, ha mir gonbio yansauna gabyuxea dalzeyen.There are 5 vowel phonemes.Here are the most important words derived from Bear in mind that, in English, there are two meanings for time.Example of these conjunctions introducing different types of sentences:Van aat us pray.

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Sa via jub bay was a beautiful day with you.Mirad has the following simple prepositions, which are monosyllabic, and stand directly before their substantive complement:from, from, viathe right ofthe left ofgol.Hot so eta aadezut?YAK Family,of ficitspirefuyakuer.Mirad has four voices: ACTIVE, PASSIVE, REFLEXIVE and RECIPROCAL.Types of Stones, Gems, etc.

The consonant r should be a flap or trill like the r in Brit.English or has no antecedent, then the it is left unexpressed in the Mirad equivalent sentence.Without, Roma could be confused with Romany, Gypsy.Frequentative InfixREGULAR VERBFREQUENTATIVE VERB, shudderpapeger.Hoat bi ha akuti sa ha gwa fiat?

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At yijba ha mes.Du at eta me your at it to me.Pu izay bu tam!Kyedu hat hu ogja tyoyapa yeb!Van ha edeb live the king.Country names take a definite article only in a few cases like ha Anxwa United States, which is really composed of common nouns.

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Compound words are obtained through the combination of two or more whole words.Hot et teata aay hijub?Lit: Four to the power of two.DIRECTEDconsumesupplyorderdeliverbuysella prizeoffmarriedflightoff flyingsaila seathomeineltereatfeedparticipatesharedrinkwater, give to drinkswallowspit outobserve, watchshowmemorizeremindbreathe inbreathe out, expireabsorbleak, soakenjoypleaseasksuggestlearninformarrivechoosedistributefall asleepput to sleepfall deadoriginatetargettake offlandsualizesinuer.Conjunctions are words that join or introduce clauses.The two or three first letters of a word can serve as prefixes.At yaba ha mis.

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Huua dini yufxe stories scare children.Furthermore, these participles can sometimes be pronominalized with s for things and t for people or living things.Et tame hum hu ha mep live where the road ends.Interjections in Mirad include the assertive expressions yes, no and maybe:Common Assertive InterjectionsVa!Ha yanup meeting adjourned.

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Iyt xuxa hyiyta had her hair done.Chart of Principal Animals15.Whether you do the former or the latter depends on several factors, but the end result is slightly different in nuance.Se fia van et is well that you go.How do you do?Vafyabi voy agse fiay do not grow well here.

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Buu19 yat20 hijub21 yata22 hyajuba23 avol24,Give us this day our daily bread,ay25 yovobu26 yat20 bi27 yata22 fuxi28and forgive us our trespasseshyiyen17 hu4 yat20 yovobe29 hati30 hu4 vyonxe31 yat20.At se zoy bi ha yexim.The subordinate clause is an adverbial clause modifying a verb in the main clause for time, place, manner, and other circumstances.Spatial Nouns Built on Prepositions or AdverbsPREPOSITION OR ADVERBSPATIAL NOUNrtitionundationaboveaybmas.Se fia is good to win.

At fu hyua til.Grammatical cases were eliminated and replaced by prepositions.At yeyfa ter ga fi.Deriving Adjectivesmestictyoyapyaf.Yat deuza, jo hus hyat sang, then everyone danced.The base words having to do with tools, devices, and machines all begin in s for thing and end in r for tool.His se Fransa vafil.

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Some Parallel Time Terms15.It does not vary for gender, number, or case as in German or Spanish.Hia tyoyaf se gro aga.At traye huyt yagjob.Hia tam voy se ge aga vyel house is not as big as mine.

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Deictic determiners are words which point out or specify other words as to their context, including what grammarians often call demonstratives.Hia voli agse plants grow slowly.GENERIC, theyREFLEXIVEA distinction of gender can be expressed only in the third, singular animate specific pronoun, which otherwise can express he, she, him, her neutrally.Ha toyb hu ake ibe aga woman who wins receives a big prize.Lit: It is sixth hour minus thirty.The stems in this family of words begin with t for human and end in f or v, which are reminiscent of and ngerie.Yat tambese ham hu ha maalyen se live where the weather is fu per hyem hu et po.

Forming Hybrid Words with Alternating Components15 Word Families15.Longish noun prefixes are sometimes clipped.Words are as short and as easy to pronounce as possible.Hayena dini at ife, et kind of stories I love, you hate.WordsNORMAL WORDREFINED WORDartdaltuz.Tools and Machines15.

Bodily Functions and Gestures15.Modal verbs are auxiliary verbs that are usually followed by the main verb in the infinitive or a subjunctive dependent clause and have to do with wanting, permitting, prohibiting, being able, being unable, needing, being obliged to do something, etc.Do I even want to be?Nouns in Mirad can be distinguished in these various ways:common vs.Transitive verbs can take a direct object:Ha yepet teupixa dog bit me.Hia ivxel xwe celebration happens biennially.

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Also, the passive voice form of a verb will not appear in the dictionary unless it has a special meaning, such as xwer to happen.Formant102030405060708090aloeloilouloyoloyaloyeloyiloyulotentwentythirtyfortyfiftysixtyseventyeightyninetyBy changing the in lo to other cardinal unit numerals, the numerals within decades can be generated as follows:Decadal Countingala.Vehicles are mobile machines, and therefore their stems begin with p for mobile.Seasons of the year are expressed by internally scalarizing the word for season jeb:Seasons of the Yearjeabspringjeebsummerjeibautumn, FalljeubwinterExamples of usage:be springja summerju autumnji winterje ha the seasonub ha uj bi the end of summereb jeab ay tween spring and summerjeeba equinoxjeiba leavesjeba asonal drinkjeubyena climatejeabyena weatherjeuben.An imperative expression is a command.Using Prepositions as Clausal Conjunctions17 Sample Texts Analyzed17.For example:It tyoyape walks fast.

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Has is to be done, it is doableAt xuya.DUBITIVE: Iyta dud se vey response is possibly wrong.At buo et has jo van et nuso.In Mirad, finite verb forms are those that can take a person subject, serve as a predicate, and be conjugated.The adjective ending a is often dropped1, as is the er or prefixes taken from verbs.Note: If you see a blank here instead of an IPA symbol, it probably means that the font you are using to display characters in your browser does not support these characters.The subordinate clause is the object or complement of a verb in the main clause.

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But, to avoid ambiguity, the adverb should be placed immediately before or after the sentence element it modifies, eg.Mirad does not force you to indicate gender in animate pronouns.Iyt yubteaxa examined herself.Ha mes yeyfe yujbwer ja door should be closed by bedtime.Everyone but that guy knew the answer.As adjectives, determiners can itemize or classify.Male Counterparts of Animalsallionipwet.

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EXPRESSION OF PAINhwuy!It vuda at, av hus at insulted me, so I left.At aut voy vyatexe Tot.The vowels in these directionals are, for euphonic purposes, ao, eo, or ui.Such participles are invariably in the active voice.Lit: the way that.

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Base words are divided into two groups:Group 1: consisting of nounsGroup 2: consisting of prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, determiners, and verbs.Simple PrepositionsSPATIAL, upontween, off of, above, amid, below, offar as, up to, starting withfromfront ofthe middle of, in back ofzu.The object in a sentence can be noun or noun phrase, a pronoun, an infinitive, a gerund, a prepositional phrase, or a clause.Many adjectives are derived from other parts of speech, using one of more of the following derivational endings.In that way, we will be famous and that will prevent us from being scattered all over the earth.These nuances are obtained by:Addition of a subordinal vowel of the same type as the ordinal vowel.Xu gel at as I say.

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Nominal subordinate clauses are introduced by one of the factive complementizers van, ven, or von, depending on whether the subordinate clause is positive, conditional, or negative.The above simple prepositions can be used with adverbs to form more complex prepositions.Xu hayen hu at as I say.At se hegla booka.Et yafe can win.Lit: whatever place that.

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Yit voy fe has hu at do not want what I want.Aet yeyfe and I should get married.This breaks down to 1012 bytes.Johis, hyes hu yit ojtexo so vyamxyafwa.Hos se eta dyun?Et voy yafe deuzuxer cannot make me sing.Personal animate pronouns can be of the following types:ferring to a specific person or group of persons, such as he, you, or me.

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Ven at su et, at dolu.Iyt fe hyiglas vyel wants the same amount as you.At simpo zi et.Van8 eta9 edob12 upu13.Huyenasi voy things will not be permitted.

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Yet more complex verbs can be generated by adding directional and positional prefixes to the above verbs.Johus ha Oyjobat yonzyaba ha tobi yib bi hum ub hyami bi ha meir, ay yit poxa hasexen bi ha dom ay yabtom.Locative Deictic Adverbs15.Hee heeCRYINGhuhu!Lit: Sixteen to the minus power of two.HORTATIVE wish like Van et you live long.

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The prefix much is used for actions that are excessive, eg.Duven et voy se tadxwa?Et se Amerikama, vao?Specific tools and machines are created by appending one of the stub suffixes to the stem of the word that describes what the tool or machine does.Note 1: International Phonetic Alphabet.

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PleaseEXPRESSION OF SORROWhwoy!Se glatesa van et puu jwa.Vey va, vey yes, maybe no.See the chapter on Hybrids for more on this subject.YIJ Familyto a to aTIJ Familynsciousto sleeptujtepa.Mirad hw is pronounced like English wh.

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Some prepositions and conjunctions were changed or added.As in English, Mirad has both indirect discourse and direct discourse.GreetingsINITIAL GREETINGhay!The proper preposition must be explicitly present if something other than is meant.They can also serve as prefixes on animate nouns, inanimate nouns, and prefixes, as the following chart shows.Ha tob toja man died yesterday evening.

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At voy su I would not be happy.Lit: It is sixth hour plus thirty.This is the normal way of saying How are you?Et hyoj ako gwaika will never gain perfect happiness.Van iit teliu avol!Adverbs of Degree modifying another adverb:Twobi dale ge igay vyel talk as fast as women.

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Hoxag et pe ha tayegoblut?Lit: It is exactly seventh hour plus ten of nighttime.Huyen, yit bea mefi av sexmegi ay megyel av sexyanul.Buu hua drar bu at.An alternative analysis is that the free relative clause has zero as its antecedent.

At voy ayse huytia dyuni.Hia uvteuden yefe weeping must stop.Du at din ayv eta me a story about your life.Types of Stones, Gems, etc.EM WordsROOTtervaloyebem.

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Arabada mir or, more specifically, Arabadalea mir.Hosi se eta gaifuni?Omira KoreanOmera KoreanHere are some languages not associated with any particular country name:Swahilad.Inflection and derivation of words is regular and predictable.Ha yipet kaxwa yab be ha cat was found up on the roof.

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These words are based on the vowels of Mirad and are crucial to any hierarchical or scalar ordering of lexical concepts.The following consonants have semantic functions rather than, or in addition to semantic values:l and r: Liquids used after vowels to intensify the semantics of a word, eg.Teetwen fiay se glatesa av heard well is important for actors.Von hus that not happen.Upu, van yat sexu atiutia dom bay yabtom pyusea ha mam.The first, a consonant called the classifierThe second, a vowel1 called the ordinalThe third, a consonant called the genericBase Word CompositionCLASSIFIERORDINALmansocietytreeNote 1: A bit of a misnomer.

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Capitalization and punctuation are described later.There are no double consonants, although sometimes a consonant will come together with the same consonant in the same word, but not the same syllable.At fe teaxer ha jogas, voy ha jagas.Ga yux help will be needed.Passive VoiceA verb form is converted from active to passive by inserting a w just before the last vowel of the verb form.Say whether the stars are bright.

Prepositions and directional adverbs can be prefixed to verbs in order to change their semantics.Ha mapi uzaxa ha winds bent the trees.No Question Introducer whether.These verbs are usually paired and are often built from a prepositional base.Used only in foreign words.Interrogative deictic determiners can also go at the end of sentence:Eta dyun se hos?These are used only where the situation calls for it, eg.

At yexe be tam.Ha Oyjobat yopa bi ha mam av teater ha dom bay ha yabtom hu ha meirtobi sexaya.Base words are elements of vocabulary that cannot be broken down any further and which serve as the basis for many derived words in the language.The distinction of gender, if needed, can be expressed with extended personal pronouns.Note: Latinadalut can be shortened to Latinadut.The letter x was changed to sound like the sh in English show.

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That may be true.Yit daza yuz bi danced around us.Charts of Words Showing Mnemonic Parallelism15.Yit xa has did it well.The combination of deictic prefixes and category stubs produce a matrix of deictic correlatives, seen later in this chapter.

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The letter h is never silent.Hosun se eta dyun?Lit: the time that.Adding consonants other than l or r as the generic consonant:Some words have so many nuanced varieties that other letters like t, f, s, and z are used as the generic consonant, eg.Hyoa din se ga story is more important.At voy fe per.These modifiers come in the same order as in English.

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Thousands100020003000400050006000700080009000aroeroirouroyoroyaroyeroyiroyuroaro.Et se vay fia are really a fine singer.Et sa gra were too slow.Yat vay sa were indeed there.Iynati bi yet se vyasa.

The corresponding consonants in French are exact equivalents.Hyoewa et ey at ither you nor I will win.The Mirad verb form stays the same for all persons and numbers.This chart shows the core verbs in the xer family:Xer Family Core Wordsrformexler.Voy se fia axer is not good to act this way.Semantic Stub SuffixesSemantic stub suffixes are generally formed from the last letters of a base word minus the initial consonant.

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If you know, say so.Duven et sa be hua duzun zomoj?Ordinal DeterminersCardinal NumeralOrdinal Numerical Determinerasu.Hoa tej et ayse!Coding Chemical Elements14.Has kaxwa yob ab eta was found down on your floor.

The symbol x means times and is pronounced gal.For example:Hoj hus xwa?Yat yefo eynxer eta will have to halve your salary.The letter j is pronounced like the zh in Russian Zhivago or the ge in English mirage.Group 1 base word by replacing the ordinal vowel with one of the following vowels, which have certain specific meanings, usually geographical.The future tense vowel o following by a buffer consonant are inserted between the stem and the final tense vowel.

At fe teater ha tob hu xa his.Indirect discourse is when you know or say that something happened, whereas direct discourse is when you directly quote what someone has said.Yat hyoawa move oey neither smoke nor drink.Miradu it in Mirad.Hua twob jagsaye huugla!

Sometimes, the adjective ending a is retained when an adjective is compounded with xer or ser.Yefwe van et piu is essential that you leave quickly.Mil upeye zye ha is coming through the door.AM WordsBUILDINGmmercialaajasnam.Hoati se gwa fia?Hoyena sa ha dyezun?Iyt aka won a lot.

It pa went outside.Hoyena dyezuni ifxe et?For example:Deriving Abstract Nouns from AdjectivesADJECTIVEABSTRACT QUALITYdnessyevan.Lexicalized gerunds, such as sanxen formation, forming generally appear in the dictionary in the active voice.The X bi Y prepositional construction must always be used for possession by a named person, eg.The names of languages and countries are also considered already specific, and so as in English, they do not take a definite article as they might in some European languages.Unlike in English, where the that can often be omitted, the Mirad van complementizer can never be omitted.

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At ta van et upo.Se iloa jwob gob is thirteen minutes til three.This is an invariable pronoun and does not express gender or number.At tijpe be majij.Iyt taja be yibmem.The words in this family have to do with numbers, measurements, degrees, points, lines, etc.

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Military RanksARMYdepNAVYdipAIR FORCEdapMARINE FORCEdiepldierrecruitbasicivate 2apprenticeivate 1st classivate first classfirst classcorporalspecialistofficer 3rd classairmanrporal.On the other hand, I play a musical instrument.Verbs involving the senses, such as sight or hearing, follow a similar pattern, as the following chart shows:Sensing Verbsseteita.At voy hyawa deuze oy gay at daze.Money Core WordsMONEY NOUNSMONEY VERBS, ficitmblenasyefer.Note: Hyua means the other, while hyuawa means another, eg.

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The first chart shows the modal participles themselves that can be suffixed to verb stems.Cities and Their Residents15.Sometimes part of a derived word can serve as a mnemonic pattern for forming other words having some relationship or parallelism in meaning.Hyeawa et ey at you or I will win.PERSON column are ordinarily sufficient.

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Hot tojba ha twob?THIRD PERSONit person him or herselfwit himselfiyt herselfyit themselvesNote: Gender is not express in personal reflexive pronouns.Scaled WordsSKYLANDUNDERGROUNDremak.The part of the sentence after Duven is a simple declarative statement in the normal word order.Duven et te ha tam hu se itas?

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EDATOR SEA lion, amupyeit.It voy da ven et did not say whether he would be coming.Hyua dyezun sa other movie was more entertaining.The word ven without the du is a conditional complementizer and just means if or whether.Hiia duni se following words are prohibited.

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Conjunctions with vanConjuntions introducing nominal subordinate clauses consist of a preposition followed by the positive complementizer van, the conditional complementizer ven, or the negative complementizer von.Se igefwa van et upu gwa is urgent that you come as soon as possible.Has had been doneAt xayo.If the color word is preceded by gwa, it is of maximum intensity, eg.RELATIVEhuwho, whom, that, whichHa toybi hu ifaye toyb hu et hu at yofe onyafxer.

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GA Family, multiplied bygar.The infinitive in Mirad is used very much as its counterpart in English.At tambeseya be hum.Hua toyb yulfxa woman intimidated me.Hawa and hyawa are short for haawa and hyaawa, respectively.

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Duven et se tadokayt?Ha pat besa ze ha bird stayed in the middle of the room.The nof family words begin with n meaning commercial and end in f meaning textile.Note 2: The determiner hya is a reduced form of hyaa.Verb predicates can have an implied, unexpressed subject:Mamilo.

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There are five aspects in the Mirad verb system.Use of Complex Prepositions16.Mirad uses the Roman alphabet as English does, except that the letters Q and C are only used in foreign borrowings or attempts to spell foreign words or names.Hia yex work will be necessary.Inanimate singular pronouns are formed by adding s for AN AMOUNT OF A THINGInanimate plural pronouns are formed by adding si for A NUMBER OF THINGSAnimate plural pronouns are formed by adding ti for A NUMBER OF PERSONS.The s suffix is short for or The t ending is short for or rsons.

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Has was being doneat xeyo.ENGLISH ADVERBham hu.Reflexive Personal PronounsFIRST PERSONyaut.Lit: That we would pray.The subject and object consist of nouns or pronouns with or without modifiers.In the near future, the world will share a common auxiliary language.

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See more on this in the section on Vocabulary Formation.Yat yeyfe should get married.This results in overlapping.The various levels of schools are translated with this word scalarized numerically.Ha dezun play has started.At efe vyilxuxer ata par.

It utifbua av van hyuti sacrificed himself so that others might live.Van, ven, and von are part of a whole system of complementizers:ComplementizersCOMPLEMENTIZERSMIRADEXAMPLEENGLISHEQUIVALENTduven.Here are some examples:Ha ideb dila van at tyoibu za king asked that I kneel before him.At yujba ha mes.Yat buxo hia dovyabdren shall advance this legislation.Et tambese ha yubem, vao?At voy tajaya huj.

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Hua toyb yurfxa woman terrorized me.

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