Dating A Female Bodybuilder Reddit

dating a female bodybuilder reddit

And those are the last straws.The now rare posts are still read, always hoping for an understanding of a situation from a known keen eye.By far my most popular image in my flickr account.Over the years I have culled a lot of blogs from my reading list, but I kept yours because of your severe allergy to bullshit.All the best Mr.Lionel: Thank you for the kind words.

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Once I made such an announcement, there would beno going back.NOT a disguised beg for links.But I will miss your blog, and I hope you find a platform for your thoughts that is worthy of your time.Did I really need to do that?Well, I still think the world would be a better place with more failed projects like yours continuing just a little while longer.

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My image was now going to another source for it, a Coney Island based organization with a flickr page.Instead, Idecided to just limp along, posting every once in a while in order tokeep active status in feed readers and similar.But I and your other readers will.Surely people were reading those columns.That generated 20 to 50 views a day.

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Bennett: They discontinued the special tech section I was writing for.No response all around.You are a known keen eye.But the readership numbers are now going to be decimated anyway, dueto the Google Reader shutdown.After a week of zero views I checked what the search results were.Then one day there were zero views.

dating a female bodybuilder reddit

So if you guys have dated such women, please let me know what its like.Why did you stop writing for The Guardian?The audience would be gone, never toreturn.Google changes were the last straw.No real problem from my view in that I have a good relationship with that organization and it promotes the area, which is near mine.But that neither reflects on the quality and relevance of my image.

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Still no response from either the web site or google.Talking to people looking the other way, over a long term, leads to either not talking or moving on to other situations.Whether the accompanying voice will talk, here or elsewhere, is your choice.Note Twitter is no answer.What benefit you get as opposed to what detriments you experience.

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Oh, the image is not CC listed.Google killed my blog.Moreimportantly, protesting from below has been sadly useless when beingtrashed from the top.Further, recent Google algorithm changesseem to be unfavorable.The secret is just to write for your own pleasure.Butthere comes a time to recognize when a project has failed.That was the case for a year or so.

dating a female bodybuilder reddit